Smart Meter Presentation by SCE at Simi City Council Meeting

Smart Meter Opt Out2By Debra Tash

Southern California Edison regional manager for local public affairs, Rudy Gonzales, did a presentation on Smart Meter implementation at the Simi Valley City Council meeting.  Between 2009 and 2012 SCE has replaced 4.9 million meters across its service region.  Gonzales spoke about how customers can check their energy usage directly on the SCE home page by logging into My Account.  The My Account page is broken into 4 quadrants, prior usage, payments, the next projected billing, savings center which are tips on energy conservation.  Also on the site is Save Power Day incentive alerts which consumers can enroll in to save up to $200 per month. They must agree to curtail their power use during summer months. 

Gonzales later said in a private conservation that SCE has addressed customer’s health concerns over Smart Meters.  They found that the radiation emitted by the meters falls far below the federal limits and is intermediate as the meters send out microbursts at well-spaced intervals. They have also dealt with billing issues caused by malfunctioning meters. These issues are handled with a billing inquiry started when the customer contacts SCE over an estimated statement or an overly high one.  The charges are adjusted depending on the findings.  Bills can also be perceived as too high but are found to be for actual usage.

Mayor Bob Huber, who canvased citizens for questions before the meeting, asked if the smart meter can be changed back to an old style meter.  The answer was, yes, for a $75 fee and a $10 a month charge.

Council Member Glen Becerra, who works for SCE, recused himself from the presentation and left the dais until it was over.

Rudy Gonzales can be reached at [email protected] or (805)494-5616

Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, living in Somis

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Rance Stoddard
Rance Stoddard
7 years ago

Apparently Edison also failed to present that you can “opt out” of the smart meter if you have one. That costs you $75 for ‘labor’ and a $10 fee per month. You feel, ok, at least I stood up to Edison1 Great! What you didn’t know is the meter they gave you tracks and bills you for anything you use! It used to be it would monitor everything over 10 watts. Now it is everything. Your nightlight, your pc, your outside alarm perimeter lights, your electric clock……..Everything! Good luck to us all, Tiny Tim!!

7 years ago

From Christina Powers, Simi Valley
Re: City Council Presentation on “Smart Meters”

Good evening Mayor and City Council Members. I am Christina Powers and I am here tonight to speak in opposition to the forced installation of Smart Meters. I am an opt-out customer for the following reason, they have not been proven safe. There are proven health problems, fires and deaths, and data privacy issues associated with Smart Meter use.

With the recent revelations of mass personal data collection and spying by our own government, surveillance cameras and drones watching us, the proven ability for hackers to gain control of your vehicles while driving and accessing our personal data, identity theft and the increased likelihood of that data falling into the hands of unaccountable strangers, it is beyond alarming for decent, law abiding Americans to be faced with such difficulty in defending our privacy, property and physical welfare.
Doubly alarming is the realization that our own representatives don’t have our backs. With the introduction of legislation on July 11, 2013, HR 2685 the Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013 by Rep. Jerry McNerney [D-CA9] which would mandate Smart Meter installation among other things. It so happens McNerney is currently a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Considering Electric Utility companies spent $145,695,468 on lobbying Congress last year, it looks as if they are attempting to force Smart Meter use with this corporate sponsored bill.

It is unconscionable that a virtual monopoly of a vitally necessary and life sustaining commodity such as electricity, should be allowed to subject the entire populace to technology that puts their life, property and privacy at risk without their consent. Thank you City Council for supplying this forum to speak our concerns.

supplememtal links sent to

editors’ note: Ms. Powers may write an article on the subject.

7 years ago

The smart meters are capable of 2-way communication – meaning that you are handing over control of all your smart appliances – or any energy star appliances. You are giving the government a window into your daily life as well as the ability to shut off stuff they deem you to be using too much.