SOAR vs. Measure F

What is the difference between Measure C and Measure F and who are the SOAR people?  Who truly is SOAR?

Having lived here about ten years I’ve come to witness and see the changes to Ventura County.  Heck I was involved with discussions back in 2002 about CSUCI when I was attending a CSU sister campus over 80 miles away. 

What I’m surprised about Measure C is that Measure C was written by SOAR.  The problem I’ve noticed these last few years is the following:

Under SOARS Guidance a large park and many homes were built in Camarillo with no means of accessing the park unless you live in the newly constructed homes near the park that used to be farmland.  Farm workers of that farm were harassed and told not to show up to work. Which is why the farmland was sold off for development. The farmland had no one to work the land and thus had to sell.  Under Measure C that has been in place for many years should have prevented the sale of the farmland and should have gone to the vote of the people.  IT did not. In FACT SOAR does not protect farms from this problem of failing farms due to workers not showing up for work !

Under SOARS Guidance another farm in Camarillo (where the new over pass was built) again were harassed and told never to show up for work on that farm.  Now homes are going in. So that farm failed and had to be sold.  Again SOAR DID NOTHING TO STOP THIS!

So why are farmers not on the Board or make up the board of trustees of SOAR?  

The truth is SOAR participates with developers and realtors who fund SOAR.  The farmers don’t sit on the Board of SOAR because farmers are constantly belittled and lied to by the members of SOAR.  This is what I’ve noticed in my time living here.  Yes, I was at a political meeting a few years ago where SOAR board members were attending and who were belittling farmers.  Yes, I was paying attention to the talk between people as were many others who were there.  

So lets look at some clear striking facts:

Measure C is not backed by any farmer and in fact limits the farmers ability to build a canning facility.  Twelve acres is not enough for a fully functional canning facility especially if you need trucks and cars to park some place, and have a facility to house storage, equipment, operations, and personnel…etc.  I know.  I’ve been on planning committees.  Obviously, SOAR set up Measure C to prevent the canning facility from becoming operational due to lack of space!

Measure C is flawed and only approves what SOAR wishes the farmer to produce, not what the farmer needs to do for the full function of the canning facility, the future of Ventura County Jobs, or for the Farming Communities own future to remain Ventura County Farmers.

I am concerned about future of food supply for Ventura County and the United States if we continue to develop land that is farm land and rely on food coming in from outside the United States which is what is happening now.  This creates a National Security infrastructure food supply problem!  Most of the food arriving from other countries is heavy in pesticide.  Do you smell fragrance from the meat of the Avacado’s grown here in Ventura County? No. However, you do smell fragrance from the meat of Avacado’s from Mexico.  Why is this?  Pesticides are reaching the meat of the Avacado.  Don’t believe me? Then compare yourself.  Is anyone fully knowledgeable how to find organic foods vs. pesticide enriched foods?  Too many of us are not. Otherwise stores would not be carrying foods enriched with pesticides.

It is obvious to me that SOAR has become a parasite organization to Ventura County.  SOAR makes great claims like all developers and realtors do who are great sales people as it is in their job description to sound great but not deliver fully until their end of their goal is within reach… which means their goal is not designed to meet the needs of Ventura County Citizens, or the mandate of protected farming…when in truth their goal is of the developers and realtors needs.  SOAR is no friend to Farmers.  SOAR MEMBERS are no different than the Koch Brothers.
Proof, just look at all the farmland we have lost under SOARS administration.

I don’t like people who lie to me or pretend they are providing true answers and I do believe Venturans’ feel the same way.

I urge the reader to fully read the differences between Measure C and Measure F.  Look at who is backing Measure C.  There is no farmer listed as a supporter of Measure C.  Look at who is backing Measure F and you will find Farmers there.

After this election is over I’m calling for the full disbanding of SOAR and a removal of Measure C to be replaced by Measure F regardless of the outcome of the ballot measure even if this has to be taken to the Supreme Court.

Deeply concerned, and deeply pissed that we’ve been lied to.

Mr.Theodore Ragsdale lives in Ventura County

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