Socialism is Great — Really?

For all the Bernie Sanders supporters who think socialism sounds great, I’d like you to answer this question, name a socialist country where the citizens have a standard of living that even comes close to America’s.  In fact, name one whose citizens live with as many creature comforts as America’s poor.  I’ll wait.

How about Venezuela or Cuba? How’s that going? Socialism always sounds better than it is.  Socialists promise people they will be taken care of by the government and to start, it seems to work.  Socialism is like a Ponzi scheme. Initially it succeeds but eventually it collapses because, as Margaret Thatcher said, “…eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  When governments take away the ability to make a profit, it takes away initiative and stops growth.  When property is publicly owned there is no incentive for it to be wisely used.  The Pilgrims learned the hard way when they formed a community farm and starved because too many expected others to do the work.  When each family grew their own food they flourished.  Public ownership encourages neglect and mismanagement.

I have another question to ask those of you who think socialism is sexy.  If it is so wonderful why do people risk their lives, cross mountain ranges, deserts, and oceans to come to the horrible, unfair, racist country of America?  Why have Cubans and Haitians gotten on rafts and leaky boats to come to America?  In fact, Haitians had to sail right by the beautiful, socialist country of Cuba to get to racist America.  In Cuba the average monthly salary is $20.00.  The government supplies people with a place to live, an education, healthcare and coupon books that ration food. Unfortunately, the government never gets around to repairing the homes and the people can’t afford to.  The only cars there are from the 1950’s and parts for repairs are impossible to find. 

Right now in Venezuela people are waiting in line for hours for basic needs that may run out before they get to the head of the line.  Of course, they can always go to McDonald’s if they have the equivalent of $150.00 for a hamburger.  As Ronald Reagan said, “socialism only works in two places, in heaven where they don’t need it and hell where they already have it.”

Remember the Berlin wall and Check Point Charlie?  That wall wasn’t to keep people out, it was to keep people in.  If socialism is so great, why would they need a wall to keep people from leaving?

Over the last decade as I’ve worked to defend Liberty and help educate people, the most passionate activists I’ve met have been legal immigrants from socialist and communist countries.  They say they were lucky because they had a place to flee to.  If America becomes a socialist country, there will be nowhere to go. 

The reason socialism keeps failing is that it completely ignores the nature of man and, as Reagan alluded to, angels aren’t those running it.  Man needs incentive to excel.  Those of us who are parents know that rewards work better than punishments.  If someone’s hard work isn’t going to improve their life there is no reason for them to work hard.  Not rewarding excellence sucks the life out of innovation.  When businesses aren’t allowed to make profits they can’t expand or reward those who are more talented or hard working.  And if a company is run by the government there is no incentive for it to be successful. 

Another question for those who think free college is a good thing.  You are aware that we are nearly $20 TRILLION in debt, aren’t you?  That’s more money than America has and close to all the money available in the world.  Where are we going to get the money to pay for free college for everyone?  And why do you think everyone wants to go to college…or should? Many would go, simply because it’s “free” and to avoid actually getting a job and taking care of themselves.  Many have skills and talents that don’t require a college education.  There are many “self-made” millionaires in America who didn’t go to college.  They were able to become millionaires because they were free to pursue their best interests.  And if the government gives you a “free” college education, what would prevent them from telling you what field of study they have decided you should take? They might not do that now, but what would prevent them from doing it in the future.  After all, if they are providing it, they can make up the rules.  Socialists want government to provide housing and jobs for all too.  Again, you may not want or like the housing or job they offer. Then what?

The argument for socialism has always been that the wrong people were overseeing it.  But even if the best, kindest, most tolerant, most generous, most moral, ethical leader on earth were to take charge and design the fairest socialist system on the planet, there will be another leader to follow, who won’t be.  And to stay in power, they will promise more and more “stuff”.  It’s free college, paid family leave, free housing, guaranteed jobs and wages, huge pensions, earlier retirement, then more vacation time, shorter work days…fewer work days…and on, and on until it all collapses because not enough people are working enough time to pay enough taxes to pay for all the free stuff. 

Individual Liberty is what our founders designed for us.  It has been the freedom of the individual to pursue their own best interests, farm and ranch their own lands, build their own businesses, explore new lands, invent new things, dream bigger and reach farther, that made this country the most successful in the world.  Why would any of you want to give that up?



Michael GreerMichael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  She is also president of American Freedom Alliance.  Her website is:

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