Socialist Democrats Infected the US With The World’s Deadliest ” Virus”; Now They Are Going For The Kill



By Capt Joseph R. John 

This is video, is one of the most important videos we’ve watched in the last 10 years; it best describes why riots have continued in the streets of over 400 Democrat Sanctuary cities for the last 6 months.  This was brought to our attention by a highly decorated CIA Senior Operations Officer, who retired before Obama appointed John Brennan as the CIA Director.


The left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment and propagandists, the Communist Party USA, the Russian Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party, have been skillfully hiding the information that is presented in the very powerful attached video from the American public, that can be watched by clicking on the below listed link in the ninth paragraph.

John Brennan led the conspirators in the Obama administration to initiate the first “Coup d’ etat” of the first President of the United States in its 244-year history.  They falsely alleged that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win his election as President.  When the “Coup” did not work, Pelosi and Schumer initiated the fake Impeachment of President Trump.  When the Impeachment didn’t work, the Communist Party USA, Communist China, Socialists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment under the control of Communist China’s “United Front” joined with the Socialist Democrat Party, Pelosi, and Schumer pulled all the stops, and set the plan in action to go in for the kill of the Trump Administration in the November 2020 election.

The first step in the attempt to kill the Trump administration was for the Socialist Democrat Party, working with the Chinese Communist Party and the Mains Stream Media was to destroy the most successful US economy in US History that President Trump created.  The second step was for Communist China to infect the US with COVID-19, requiring the immediate closing down of the economy.  The third step was to throw multiple roadblocks in the way of every attempt by the Trump administration to reopen the economy.

The goal of the Socialist Democrat Party to kill the Trump Administration and defeat the re-election of President Donald Trump, required that they close down the most successful US economy in US History, and turn it into a recession before the November election.  That required the looting, arson, and the destruction of thousands of small businesses in 400 Democrat Sanctuary cities, to prevent them from re-opening until after the election, and forcing 50 million Americans on the unemployment rolls.  The ultimate goal of the Communists and Socialists is to destroy The Free Enterprise Society, so the Biden administration, under the control of Barrack Obama and Nazi-Collaborator George Soros, can finally change the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.

To destroy the economy, the Socialist Democrat Party ordered their ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorist foot soldiers to lead the violent riots, the arson, the shootings, attacks on Police Officers, and perpetrating the anarchy in 400 Democrat Sanctuary cities among Austin, Richmond, Portland, Seattle, New York City, Miami, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Albuquerque, Vallejo, St Louis, Baltimore, Louisville, Salinas, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Kansas City, Oakland, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Detroit, Salt Lake City, St Paul, and Ferguson among hundreds of other Democrat Sanctuary cities.

The Socialist Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media elites have been embracing the anarchy, orgy of protests, rioting, looting, arson, destruction, and vandalism in Democrat Sanctuary cities.  Elected Democrats have refused to condemn the violence and call for a stop to the anarchy, and by failing to do so, they are supporting the anarchy in the streets.  Many irresponsible Socialist Democrats like Cong Jerry Nadler are even stating that there is no such thing as ANTIFA.  The Socialist Democrat Party is giving the American citizens a glimpse into the ugly future for America, if Biden is ever elected, where “law and order” in the United States will not be supported.

The anarchy has been spreading to many more Democrat Sanctuary cities, the plan is to destroy the business infrastructure and economy in those blue states.  The spreading and ceaseless anarchy may explode into armed conflict, if some of the violent rioters who are arrested are not kept in jail, currently they being immediately released with no bail required, because bail reform laws have been passed.  The Chinese Communists, the Socialist Democrat Party, the Communist Party USA, and Nazi-Collaborator George Soros are instigating, funding, and supporting the rioting, and are hoping the conflict will erupt into armed conflict between Blacks and Whites.

For six months violent rioters in the streets of US cities have been killing, blinding, and severely wounding 1100 Police Officers, looting and destroying small businesses, in order to close down the economies in 400 Democrat Sanctuary cities, setting police cruisers on fire with Molotov cocktails, burning down buildings, and desecrating and toppling US historic monuments and statues (Vladimir Lenin’s statute in Seattle hasn’t been touched).  Police Forces are being defunded in Minneapolis, Salinas, NYC, Vallejo, Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas, etc.

The initiative to defund Police Forces began in the 1960s when radical Communist, Marxist, Black Panthers, and Socialist activists and organizations including but not limited to Angela Davis, Bill Ayers, Jerry Rubin, Huey Newton, Bernadine Dorn, Stokely Carmichael, Tom Hayden, The Black Panthers, The Weathermen Underground, and the Communist Party USA led demonstrations and called for the defunding of Police Forces.

The second video can be watched by clicking on the below listed link, it describes how the Communist Party, long ago, put the plan into action to create a race war between Black and White Americans.  The Communists consider a race war to be the most effective means of destroying the US Constitutional Republic from within.  In order to do the ground work to create racial conflicts in the US, for 20 years, Marxist college professors and the  “Confucius Institutes” on 81 campuses have been indoctrinated hundreds of thousands of white privilege college students, to embrace Socialism.  It has worked because 57% of registered Democrats and 52% of white privilege college students have a “positive view” of Socialism and prefer it to democracy.

The post-1960s Cultural Revolution unfolded and became the Cancel US Patriotic History Culture, it is being pushed by The Communists Party USA, Marxists, the Socialists Democrats Party, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists, and Radical Progressives who have been trying to foment, create, and sustain a race war, in order to destabilize and bring down the US Constitutional Republic.

Hundreds of thousands of radicalized white privilege students indoctrinated in Socialism over the last 20 years, are the nucleus of violent Marxist riots in hundreds of Democrat Sanctuary cities.  They can be counted on by the Communist Party USA, ANTIFA, and Black Lives Matter to join in the violent riots in those Democrat Sanctuary cities, with the hope that they will create conflict between the races.  A key part of the Communist program is to destroy The Free Enterprise System by looting and burning down small job creating independent businesses in the violent riots, so millions of Blacks and low income Whites in hundreds of Democrat Sanctuary cities will lose their jobs, become unemployed, and would be able to be co-opted into joining the riots.  AOC deleted the below listed tweet, after sharing it hundreds of thousands of times; it is shared with you here to validate that Socialist Democrat are, in fact, working at destroying the US economy.

Every four years, during a Presidential election year, the Socialist Democrats in Congress and the Main Stream Media elites promote the lie that the US is a Systemic Racism country and that Whites oppress Blacks.  The false US History being taught in public schools in the Common Core curriculum with US History textbooks published by Nazi-Collaborator George Soros, intentionally degrades the greatness of the Founding Fathers, eliminates the outstanding history of the Republic, removes the fact that millions of enslaved people were freed from oppressive Socialist and Fascist dictators by US Military personnel, that the US is the only country in world history that fought a Civil War to free its slaves, and so much more that America’s youth should know about their great freedom loving Republic.

For 40 years, the Nation of Islam has been teaching is its supporters that “White people are born devils by nature and are uniquely evil”.   For the last 20 years, radical Marxist university college professors have been indoctrinating and misleading white privilege students, that the US is a Systemic Racism nation that has oppressed nonwhites and that Socialism is a much better system of government than the Constitutional Republic, that politically correct speech must be enforced, that there is no freedom of speech on campus, that the violent riots by students is justifiable, etc.

Peaceful White Americans can no longer expect equal protection under the law in some urban areas, like the couple in St Louis.  A Marxist District Attorney, who Nazi-Collaborator George Soros recruited, financed and elected, charged them with a crime, for defending their home with their legally registered small arms.  They were prosecuted for exercising their right to protect their home from rioters who broke into their property thru a locked gate and threatened to occupy their home.

The timid response by Republican Senators to the violent riots by Communists and Marxists in Democrat Sanctuary cities, their failure to speak out against the defunding of Police Forces by Marxists Mayors, and the Republican Senators’ refusal to oppose Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists for not caring “at all” about Black children, Black Police Officers, and thousands of Blacks being murdered by Black on Black violence, has negatively affected American voters view of elected Republicans.

By actual marching with the Anti-American Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Romney lost what little respect Conservatives have for him, and the respect for elected Republicans in general.  Republicans continue to refuse to call a spade a spade about 50 Communists, Marxists, and Socialists in Pelosi’s Radical House Caucus that can be identified by clicking on this link.

Marxist Tom Perez, Chairman of the Socialist Democrat Party Central Committee, was appointed by Obama, and has been collaborating with the Communist Party USA that supports the Communist Parties of China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Russian (they are all dedicated enemies of the United States).  Perez has allowed Socialist, Marxists, and Leftists to infiltrate the once Patriotic Democrat Party of Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson.  Perez, Pelosi, and Schumer have been supporting and working with Nazi-Collaborator George Soros to fund the Congressional campaigns of Communists, Marxists, and Socialists running for Congress.

Marxist Tom Perez who stated, “White people should not be entitled to protection under the Voting Rights Act”, and he was the longtime leader of the Casa de Maryland, Communist, Militant, Leftist “Immigration Rights Group”.  In the 2012 campaign to re-elect Obama, for the first time in history, Perez took “God” out of the Democrat Party Platform.  Perez, the radical Marxist wolf in sheep’s clothing, has been lobbying aggressively to give Illegal Aliens the right to vote.

Perez, Pelosi, and Schumer are well aware that there are 50 Communist, Socialist, and Marxist elected members of Pelosi’s Radical Marxist House Caucus.  Pelosi openly welcomes Communists, Socialists, and Marxists to join the ranks of the Socialist Democrat Party.  It is no longer about American Patriotism, for Pelosi, Perez, Schumer, and Soros it is only about obtaining raw power.  By nominating and electing Communists to run for office on the Democrat ticket, Democrats have been betraying the Patriotic American voters, US Military personnel who were killed in combat with Communists, and they are endangering the national security of the United States.

Two Communists in San Diego, Carl Wood and Emiliano Sparaco, ran for the California Democratic Party Central Committee, from the 76th and 80th San Diego Assembly Districts.  Democrat Congresswoman Ami Bera who represents Californians in the Sacramento area has Communists Juan Lopez, Cassie Lopez, Michelle Kern, Nell Ranta, and Mik Diddams canvasing for California voters supporters from her phone-bank in her Congressional campaign headquarters.

Most of the millions of grassroots Democrat voters are strongly opposed to Communism, and would be horrified to learn that Communists are working openly and secretly at every level of their once Patriotic Democratic Party to undermine the US Constitutional Republic.   Many of those grassroots Democrats are descendants of families who fled Communism in Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Cuba.  Many grassroots Democrats lost friends or family members fighting Communism in Vietnam, Korea, and Eastern Europe.  Many other grassroots Democrats are members of the Catholics religion and were informed of the evils of Communism at an early age by their priests, bishops, and popes. (Trevor Loudon)

Please read the below article in The Epoch Times to understand how the Democrat Party has infected the US with The World’s Deadliest “Virus” (The Epoch Times).   If there is hope for the survival of the Republic, it lies with the majority of Americans of all races who do not believe the Systemic Racism nonsense, who still cling to and believe in the colorblind US Constitutional creed of equal rights under equal law.  Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, or in the US Constitution, are people classified by race, religion, sex, or any of the other categories.  Pelosi, Schumer, Perez, Obama, Nazi-Collaborator George Soros, the Socialist Democrat Party, the Communist Party USA,  Socialists, and the Chinese Communist Party who are trying to divide Americans of different races against one another.

The two videos in this E-mail should be shared with associates, so they can understand how the Socialist Democrat Party, the Communist Party USA, Chinese Communist Party, Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, ANTIFA Marxist Domestic Terrorists, and Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists  have been working to kill the 244-year old US Constitutional Republic, The Free Enterprise System, and the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt    USN(Ret)/Former FBI

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

San Diego, CA 92108

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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Joseph C. Moore [USN Ret.]

The Democrat Party exists only in the minds of befuddlement instituted by the Socialist/Marxist party members who have taken over. Voting only for a person with a “D” after their name is folly unless you look at the previous deeds, bills, etcetera they have promoted. Far too many of the “democrats” in congress fit the narrative that (unfairly) disgraced congressman Joe McCarthy proclaimed. Perhaps, Real Democrats should form their own New Democrat Party that eschews the Socialist/Marxist takeover of their party.

Duke (USAF Ret)

I haven’t seen McCarthy (Senator, not “Congressman”) held up as an ideal for many decades. Does “Making America Great Again” call for us to relive that national embarrassment? Put it alongside the rest of the country’s recent embarrassments, I guess, along with the view that the military service members who died for our country are “losers” and “suckers.” Praying daily for the soul of our country.

Citizen Reporter

This has already been debunked.