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    Soldiers Home Racket: Open Letter to Denis McDonough

    By Ryan Thompson

    Hi Denis:

    Guessing you may have been busy this weekend in DC with StepUp on Second, Shangri-La and Vivian Ming Lum and Katherine Money’s lobby against homeless Veterans; regarding some lobbying for even more Public Funds on Buildings 205 & 208 – but I’m giving you a heads up that the Press and Public will learn this week about what WLA VA Soldiers Home Enhanced Use Leases are all about like never before.

    Lets look at you and your friend Bob McDonald’s model example in Building 209 to ensure you’re aware how well we understand this:

    Congress appropriates Public Funds for VA to directly renovate 209.

    VA hires and manages all contractors to finish the job without giving away any land.

    VA open the building in 2015 and places homeless Veterans in all 60-units.  Their also provided services by VA, including job-placement services.

    A cartel of Public Land and Funds thieves make massive campaign donations to Ted Lieu (Ron Olson’s longtime former employee), Dianne Feinstein (Steven Bing of Shangri-La) and Jeff Miller.  In return, all three Members of Congress sponsor three identical Bills called the WLA VA Homeless Veterans Leasing Act.  By the time they become one Public Law reforming only WLA VA Land Misuse to let the cartel get “leases”, the word “Homeless” was removed from the title – “The West Los Angeles Leasing Act of 2016”.

    Vivian Ming Lum, Shangri-La, StepUp on Second and other private developers (Veterans Housing Partnership) are awarded an EUL for Building 209.  Ted Lieu and your pal Bob McDonald organize a National Press Conference in 2017, where they intentionally and unremorsefully lie that they just finished renovating Building 209; which purportedly is only 54 units.  Not a single statute at Public Law governing competition, transparent procedure, bidding, Public Hearings nor VSO consultations are followed regarding the pay-to-play Enhanced Use Lease.  The lease itself is suppressed until I FOIA it last year.  The “lessees” for 209 are handed Building 209, its management rights and its subsidized tenants for 50-years, in exchange for a $1,650 PER YEAR lease payment.

    Upon taking control of 209, the cartel stops direct mail service to the residents and has them all sign contracts whereby they today pay at least $1,800 per month for a studio apartment in poor condition.  They are also required to go through the cartel for utility services at marked up rates while never often receiving those services.

    $1,800 dollars a month is actually more than average MARKET RATE for a studio apartment (in good condition), here in the adjacent 90049 BRENTWOOD area of Los Angeles… Isn’t it Mr. McDonough?

    Your game is up.  You will never win with this fraud.  I guarantee it.  Stop working for the mob and start working for Veterans and Taxpayers.  I hope you know by now that more than enough proof of everything above is going out this week.

    UCLA & their accomplices in the Soldiers Home Racket will never house homeless Veterans with EULs.  Just look at the sign at the Building 207 “work” site… For Veterans with low to moderate income that are over 62 years old.

    So if a Veteran hands over all their disability income to live in a horrid studio run by a mafia, I guess their only hope to eat and keep their car running to work is a donation from mobster Village For Vets, right?


    Ryan Thompson
    [email protected]



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