Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s First Act to Fight Republicans

Caitlin McFall | Contributor



Nancy Pelosi’s New Rule Package has passed in the House with a 234-197 party-line vote, meaning the Democrats are changing the way the House functions on day one. But it did not receive unanimous support from House Democrats.

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ro Khanna and Tulsi Gabbard voted against the package, citing the PAYGO policy as the reason why. The Pay as You Go policy is replacing Cut as You Go (CUTGO), which means the House must find a way to pay for any new costs rather than just passing legislation and contributing to the national deficit.

But Socialist Democrats are saying that this will prohibit them from funding key issues important to their agenda, such as Medicare for All.

The package aims to fight back against the way conservatives legislated in Congress during the last eight years.

Several components of the package are a direct response to Republican efforts to get their agenda pushed through the conservative-controlled Congress. Like the new 72-hour rule, which requires members of the House be given 72 hours to review important legislation.

This is a clear pushback against the GOP Tax Bill passed on December 2, 2017, in which the Senate was given a few hours to read and vote on a 500-page tax bill.

It appears the newly Democrat-controlled House is gearing up to combat President Trumpand his political agenda going forward. Tune in to see what else this package entails and how the House will be changing the way it legislates.

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