Speaker Ryan Splits From President Trump Over Amnesty


Retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan is using the “discharge petition” process to decisively split from President Donald Trump’s election-winning, pro-American immigration policies.

Ryan’s disguised break from Trump leaves his successor, Majority Leader Rep. Kevin  McCarthy, in the hot seat, said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. McCarthy must quickly decide whether to block or support Ryan’s unpopular push before it wrecks GOP turnout in November, she said.

McCarthy “wants to be Speaker, so he can’t tick off too many people,” she said.

Ryan exposed his strategy against Trump during his Thursday press conference, when he was asked how he was dealing with the “discharge petition” push being used by 17 business-first GOP legislators to force an amnesty bill through the House.


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William Hicks

I guess Ryan can try whatever he wants. That doesn’t change the will of the people that voted for President Trump. No one really thought that the “Deep State,” after years of dominations, was going to be easily reversed.

Don’t lose your resolve President Trump.