Special meeting on Oxnard Budget crisis held

By George Miller

A rather emotional, somber special meeting was held to attempt to explain and quantify the budget crisis, probable causes and possible approaches. See our prior article: Special Oxnard City Council emergency meeting Monday to discuss budget crisis.


Name Date Duration Agenda Minutes Video
City Council Meeting – Special Meeting May 4, 2015 03h 17m Agenda Video


Left alone, the baseline budget extrapolated would  create enormous deficits- currently estimated at $90 million  over 10 years. Note that estimates have been constantly increasing, Even this estimate assumes no new disasters, a 2% inflation rate, continues ultralow interest rates, high job vacancies and a mild recession in 2017.

OXCC5-4-15 011

In his second term as Mayor and a Councilman before that, Tim Flynn has been through many budget cycles, votes and debates on spending and policy. (Photo: CitizensJournal.us)

To address this, hard choices are required, which could include major revenue enhancements from higher economic activity, higher taxes–  and/or draconian budget cuts, which might  consist of significant service cuts and productivity improvements. The Council expressed a desire to minimize layoffs and use them as a last resort.. Attrition is an option also.

Council  and staff seemed very reluctant to even discuss this, but is planning two solid days  of budget workshops after Memorial Day, then 2 June public budget meetings, prior to targeted budget approval before the end of June.

We covered most of the key issues in our previous article and won’t reiterate them all here, so plese read that article for a better understanding of the issues.

Council and staff were noncommittal about which direction they will take, preferring to have the planning sessions first. Department heads were previously as led to develop a series of contingency plans for scenarios with different ranges of cuts. The Mayor and others asked the bargaining units to consider coming to the table to make concessions, with bankruptcy being an implicit, unstated incentive to do so, since that could be used to override contracts.

This article will be updated sometime Wednesday, or anew one released, since we must also cover the regularly scheduled City Council meeting shortly.

Special Oxnard City Council emergency meeting Monday to discuss budget crisis

Special Oxnard City Council emergency meeting Monday to discuss budget crisis

By George Miller- Up until now, we had not seen  projected figures nor have there been any public planning meetings for the budget due at the end of June. We have already been warned of deficits, first $2-3 million, more recently up to $9-10 million and now $11.6 million. The budget projection just received (attached) says that and […]

Suggestions to fix Oxnard’s sinking budget


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