Sperm Donors Day


By Richard Eber

In the modern age we live in, there are knee-hip replacements,  kidney, heart, lung, and other transplants , allowing us to live better lives.  One thing that is missing is an operation, except for a lobotomy, to make me into a card carrying Woke.

I would need a life altering personality makeover to gain a Cancel Culture Household Seal of Approval. How could I turn my head and condemn George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln to be placed on my cultural “no fly list”?  Is it possible for me to confess to being a closet racist and bigot because of harassment by Progressive Democrats?

Can guilt and remorse be dispensed like a prescription one might receive at a drug store?

What’s the deal with all the attention  given to transgender people.  Until the poor  treatment of these individuals  became an issue, I barely knew such folks existed.  With that said I certainly don’t want the transgender, or anyone else discriminated against.

But  are there sufficient numbers to make  it worthwhile to build extra rest rooms in public buildings and have extensive curriculum starting in Kindergarten dealing with this subject?  The biggest  difference in my life with the transgender revolution (except for being bombarded with public service commercials)  has been the elimination of most exclusively women’s and men’s  restrooms to comply with new government regulations

This is not the only gender issue on the PC agenda these days. Different entities  from The City of Berkeley to the House of Representatives is trying to go gender neutral apparently to appeal the transgender community and Women who think they need to possess more male attributes to be taken seriously. 

 As a whole I think the social movement to eliminate  he-she references in the English language is a bunch of B.S.  Unless a warrant is  issued for me saying   “This task separates the men from boys”  or singing such famous songs as “Bad Girls” “The boys are back in town” are deemed to be hate crimes, I will just pretend none of this ever happened.

In the Progressive Puritanical Woke World, I’m not sure what holiday’s we can now safely celebrate. Yesterday’s hero’s are now villains subject to being offed  by cancel culture activists.  Examples include:

  • Martin Luther King Day:  By today’s standards the iconic civil rights leader was too conservative for Woke tastes.  Besides  King was a registered Republican.  If his name is to be preserved it is likely his famous line “I have a Dream” will be changed to “I have a Tweet” to make it easier for school children to understand.
  • President’s Day:  With virtual certainty. this holiday will be abolished because of the sexist, racist, and poor record of these men in meeting Woke values. Along with this Mt, Rushmore will be blown up and replaced by the tomb of the unknown liberal.
  • Memorial Day: This is another occasion that has to go. Since by the Cancel Culture code of ethics, war is unethical while promoting nationalism and imperialism, paying tribute to fallen soldiers is probably the first long weekend to be placed in the scrap heap.
  • Birthing People’s and Sperm Donor’s Days: With American’s becoming gender neutral, these events  paying tribute to those individuals who are responsible for carrying on the human race, are now marginal figures. Does it matter if Mother’s and Father’s Day is the product of white supremist operatives at Hallmark trying to promote card, flower, and candy sales.
  • 4th of July:  This is another Day that has to go.  How can we possibly back the Paris Climate Accords and celebrate this capitalist-imperialist occasion where citizens attend patriotic parades, barbecues, and fireworks displays that  laud American exceptionalism.
  • Thanksgiving: In Woke culture, where the family is being degraded in stature to government providing cradle to grave services, this holiday’s is no longer relevant.  In addition  since the Pilgrims exploited the Indians and took away their land,  Turkey Day and Turkey Roll should be abolished.
  • Christmas :Since religion is on the top of the Marxist hit list, severing this celebration in the United States is a high priority of Progressives.  Already, the word “holiday” has morphed into our vocabulary to replace the birthday of a man who many believe is the son of God. To replace this happy time, Democrats in Washington D.C. are working on giving free government  handouts to everyone to replace presents  Santa generously  leaves under the tree.

In addition to the interpretation of past historical events, Progressives have their sights set in altering the way of life for present day citizenry.

Apparently, single family homes, especially in California, are to be discouraged. Legislators in Sacramento are trying to reduce lot size ban new construction when possible. State and National governments feel suburban  lifestyle is wasteful and encourages automobile usage.  Apparently, too much water is consumed on plants that are not part of the Green New Deal.

In addition, promoting domestic tranquility  is not a valued element with Big Brother in D.C.   They believe  progressive  policies can do a better job socializing the leaders of tomorrow  than existing nuclear families. Besides, in the post-Covid era, there is concern that folks don’t want to live in stack and pack housing while riding underutilized mass transit systems.

No doubt trying to overturn centuries of liberty and freedom is no easy task.  Because of this a massive program  of reeducation  is being  directed to provide guidance from  preschool through college. As a foundation Critical Race Theory postulates that anyone with white skin, is  guilty by ex-offico criteria of racism, prejudice, white supremacy, and other assorted offenses.

While this theory challenging the US Constitution and Western Civilization might play well in blue places such as Massachusetts, New York, and San Francisco , it remains unclear how this Progressive  teaching model will be accepted in red States,

This is why it is especially important for parents of school children to understand Critical Race Theory, and send its Harvard inspired teachings packing along with their Woke cancel-culture confederates.  It is totally bizarre that a credible movement exists to throw 250 years of American democracy in the garbage can in favor of low end Marxist theology.

Even at the risk of receiving an unwanted neck tie or a six pack of Bud Light on Father’s Day, I will stick to missionary style traditional American culture for the foreseeable future.

Published with Author’s Permission

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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