Spies Like Us?

by Phil Erwin

Just what should we make of the “bomb threat” that unfolded over the past week?

Our news was pegged on “BOMB-OVERLOAD!!!”, and will undoubtedly be chewing on it for some time.

In the days before all those oddly-rendered packages started showing up, Conservative-friendly news outlets were 100% focused on the migration of thousands of  people pressing northward  towards the U.S. border, apparently intending to crash that border just as they did the one between Guatemala and Mexico.   Meanwhile, the “mainstream” Media outlets were doing their level-best to completely ignore the impending invasion without appearing to be TOO blinded by their own Open-Borders ideology.

Suddenly, even FOX swung its 24-7 attention to the apparent “bomb” threat, and the “mainstream” pretenders could fire up their Trump-blaming machinery.   (Who cares about a horde of hikers when there are  explosions you can hope to cover?)

One counterterror specialist for the State Department said  “This is the Number 1 national security concern at the moment…”

No surprise there.  Except…  none of those “bombs” exploded, did they?

So maybe those “bombs” were never really intended to explode.   Maybe they were only intended to look like bombs.  (One professional noted that they looked like they were assembled by Wile E. Coyote.)

Now, why on Earth would anyone want to do such a thing?

Why, indeed.  As I said, the  news was suddenly pegged on “BOMB-OVERLOAD.”

There’s your motive.

If you wanted to divert the nation’s attentions away from the migration of thousands of border-crashers approaching our southern border in election season,  you couldn’t find a more effective way to do it.  A bit of black powder in some plastic pipes, an hour or two of Internet study to determine  how these little gift-packages should look, a few names of Republican-baiting Democrats for a “target” list, and you’ve got your diversion.  (Maybe include a celebrity or two, those cats are gold for new coverage!   Say, the aging Raging Bull, Bobby de Niro, made famous by his whacked-out gun-loving Taxi Driver, who says he’d like to punch Trump  in the face?   What a fine symbol of peace, love and non-violence!)

Done right, the ruse might just provide months of unfounded, unsupportable, unprovable charges you can level at Republicans, with maximum news-impact.  Liberals will love it, and the Right will have no way to combat the bad press.  No way to wash off the stink of “Crazy right-wing bomber bastards!

All of this is to suggest that, just maybe, these “bombs” are actually political theatre, cooked up perhaps by a Deep State Liberal who didn’t like the way the long-awaited “Blue Wave” has lately  turned into barely a ripple.  It’s a very plausible explanation of what we’ve seen happen this month.  But I have  zero evidence that this explanation is the correct one.  I’m merely suggesting that the first explanation – a Right-wing crazy trying to bomb Democrats – is  too simplistic, too convenient,  to swallow as gospel truth.

My alternative explanation might seem implausible; but I can’t help but wonder:  Who could cook up such a ruse?

What sort of individual might dream up a scheme like that, and have the personal wherewithal to actually implement it?  What sort of person  could actually pull it off?  Can you think of somebody like that?

I can.  They’re called:  Spies.

And we train ’em on how to dream up this kind of thing.  Train ’em on how to make it happen, too.  And  do it without getting caught.

Is it such a stretch –  spy deciding to influence the news cycle, and hence the upcoming election,  thereby actually altering our national politics – using what is called tradecraft in the spy business?

It’s worth remembering:  Part of spy training involves using “tradecraft” to influence the internal politics of other countries.


Perhaps it’s not such a far-fetched idea, after all.  Where else might we have seen recent indications that the Cold-War bugaboo of rampant spy-craft is still active within our own political realm?

In 2016, a completely unknown, non-political, frankly clueless fellow of Greek ancestry who had somehow  wiggled his way onto the Trump campaign was approached by one of his own professors, in  Malta.   The Greek was there because he’d been invited to speak at a conference by the professor.  A conversation ensued, in which the professor gave Papadopolous the scuttlebutt (nudge nudge, wink win, Say no more!)  that the Russians had the “real dirt” on Hillary, in the form of thousands of her “disappeared” e-mails.  Fast-forward a few weeks, and Papadopolous somehow winds up tipping a few glasses with Australia’s Ambassador to the U.S.   And somehow, word gets back to the U.S. Intelligence community that one of Trump’s campaign advisors is – wait for it – colluding with Russia to get Hillary’s e-mail!!  Call out the dogs!!  Lock and load!!  Quick – Get Mueller!!!

Remember the old Mad Magazine Cold-War cartoons, Spy vs. Spy?   This sounds like Spy-vs-Dumb Guy to me.

And the key point, made crystal-clear by ex-Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, is this:  Both the Maltese professor and the Australian Ambassador have long-standing connections to the U.S. intelligence community!

There’s your “collusion connection.”

Some weeks ago, Newt Gingrich suggested in all seriousness that he suspects, when the dust settles,  we’re going to find out that John Brennan was behind the whole Russia hoax.

Yep:  John Brennan –  Obama’s CIA chief (Chief of  Spies!) – the guy who once voted for the Communist Party’s candidate for President, and who now, breaking with long-standing CIA tradition, is publicly bad-mouthing and criticizing our current President – including saying he’s guilty of treason, a crime punishable by death!  (Should we care what an ex-Communist thinks?)

It’s pretty clear Brennan’s got it in for Trump.

So a second Brennan-induced spy game to make Trump look bad, and draw attention away from that Migrant army marching North?   Yeah, I’d say that sounds plausible.

So don’t be surprised if we start hearing that there’s more to this “crazy bomber” thing than we hear at first blush.  It puts me in mind of Jack Reacher, a terrific Tom Cruise film which does a fine job of portraying a very clever plot (by law-enforcement professionals!) to murder a single civilian target by framing the perfect patsy for…  wait for it…  a political act of murderous terrorism!

Hmmm.  Life imitating art?

Personally, I think the sudden appearance of  a multiple-bomb threat, on the eve of a critical election that is not shaping up like the much-anticipated Blue Wave – which instantly diverts attention from a Migrant Wave that similarly isn’t playing the way Democrats want it to –  is just too cute by half.  And the fact that the details and appearance of the bombs are so, ahh, amateurish as to make the bomb-technology professionals laugh out loud?  And none of them explode, leaving all the forensic evidence intact?  And the FBI is able to identify and apprehend this guy practically overnight?  And he’s living in a van with windows papered over with pro-Trump, anti-Democrat propaganda?  And he’s got a rap sheet a mile long, with a bomb threat documented in 2002?  And somehow these bombs simultaneously appear all around the country, even though the stamps weren’t cancelled by the USPS (which means the USPS did not deliver them!)   And the Feds put all this together inside of a week?!?

Oh, yeah…  They found a thumbprint on some tape.  (A single print?!?  On the most print-friendly surface there is?!?  (There weren’t USPS prints all over everything?)   He knew enough to wear gloves, but  took ’em off long enough to leave one clear print?  (Films like The Bourne Supremacy illustrate  how this kind of “evidence” can be manufactured.)

Don’t believe me.  What do I know?

But don’t believe that what you hear from the news is anywhere close to being the Whole Truth, either.

Just as in good movies – the truth may be far more complicated than what you see at the start.

*        *        *        *        *


Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park.  He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.)  That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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