Sports Agents Used to Worry About Nude Photos | Now They’re Worried About Tweets


David Hookstead | Reporter

The concerns of sports agents sure have changed over time because of social media.

The New York Post recently took a dive into what concerns agents have about their clients, and they got an all-time golden quote from one publicist.

The publicist told them, “We used to worry about people accidentally posting dick picks. Now we’re in a new version of social-media danger. These kids [going into pro leagues] grew up on social media. There’s a longer trail [of potential landmines].” (SLIDESHOW: These Nearly Naked Women Love Baseball)

Obviously, this has been in the news a lot because of Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen’s old tweets from high school, and the fact they were released shortly before the draft. (RELATED: PROJECTED TOP NFL PICK DROPS N-BOMBS IN OLD TWEETS)

I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I do. Call me crazy, but I’d way rather have some dicey tweets floating around than having a picture of my penis on the web. This publicist is acting like some old tweets are worse than a picture of your client’s penis.

You can pretty much always explain away bad tweets. Chalk to up to being young, immature and really dumb. People buy that excuse all the time. Posting a photo of your junk? Yeah, that’s a shade harder to explain away.

Maybe, I’m just an insane dude with no concept of what agents worry about. that’s a very real possibility. However, I’d stay take a young kid who tweeted some dumb stuff ten years ago than a player sharing nude photos. The choice isn’t even close in my mind.


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