Spotlight on Community: Pitching in to Cleanup our Beaches

This Saturday volunteers came out to help clean up local area beaches.  Our photo journalist, Dan Pinedo was there to help and to record neighbors, residents, people from all over arrive armed with used grocery bags and gloves, along with the spirit of community.  This is an annual event promoted the California Coastal Commission and the Ventura County Coalition for Coastal and Inland Waterways.  

From their press release:

“Debris found on beaches and adjacent waterways throughout California include products such as cigarette filters, food wrappers, beverage bottles and cans, grocery and trash bags, and fishing line, nets and gear. Once these products enter local waterways they can travel thousands of miles on ocean currents, posing a threat to ocean ecosystems and wildlife along the way.

Thousands of marine animals die each year from becoming entangled in debris or from ingesting it. Marine debris can impact critical habitat, smothering sea grasses or dislodging or injuring corals. Debris can also pose human health and safety risks. Syringes, broken glass, and other hazardous items pose obvious dangers to barefooted beach goers. Grocery and trash bags, fishing line, nets, rope, and other debris can wrap around boat propellers and clog seawater intakes, causing costly damage and becoming a safety hazard.

Coastal Cleanup Day volunteers not only help improve our local beaches, they also improve their own understanding of nature and the positive impact people can have on the environment when we work together. For more information visit”

From Mr. Pinedo’s photos we can see the event was a success.  Kudos, Ventura County.

Photos by Dan Pinedo

Dan Pinedo is a Citizen Journalist/photographer residing in Oxnard

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