Spotlight On the Fascist Left

by Phil Erwin

What’s that, you say? Aren’t Fascists all Right-wingers?

Nope. Here’s how Wikipedia explains it:

Fascism [is characterized by] forcible suppression of opposition… including supporting the legitimacy of political violence, as a core part of its politics. Fascism views violent action as a necessity in politics…

Do you think the Leftist groups “Antifa” “Black Lives Matter” or “Occupy Wall Street” are any less accepting of violence than neo-Nazis?

Recall watching black-hooded Antifa “activists” smashing UC Berkeley buildings and setting fires to cars simply because a gay Conservative author had been scheduled to speak? Or the “Occupy” occupiers smashing windows and burning cars because… Well, just because.

Remember those video clips of SEIU purple shirts beating up a Black supporter of candidate Trump? Or those of BLM marchers chanting “Pigs in a blanket – fry ’em like bacon!” and “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ’em? NOW!

If you think that only White Supremacists were violent in Charlottesville, you are simply not paying attention. Antifa was there to “protest,” no doubt hoping for violence (they were carrying clubs!) President Trump was correct that there were two sides to the story, and both sides owned blame.

But you didn’t hear about Antifa, did you? The dishonest Media didn’t want to confuse their narrative that White Supremacists were responsible for the violence. Writing on, columnist Ben Shapiro reported:

Sheryl Gay Stolberg of The New York Times tweeted in the midst of the violence, ‘”The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park.” After receiving blowback from the left, Stolberg then corrected herself. She said: “Rethinking this. Should have said violent, not hate-filled. They were standing up to hate.” [My emphasis]

So even writers at the New York Times can’t report things they’ve seen with their own eyes unless their rendition accords with the Leftist-approved version of reality.

Fascists derive their political power from the crowd; and they suppress opposing views to prevent challenges to their crowd-power. That’s why Fascists demand that they be in charge of deciding what people can say, how they can say it, and what can be done to them when they fail to say it. Fast enough. With sufficient enthusiasm.

Sounds just like what we’re witnessing this week from Democrats and their lapdog Media, doesn’t it?

So the Left’s view of Freedom leans decidedly toward Fascism. You can say, do and think whatever you wish… so long as They approve of it. But as Trump has learned over and over: Woe to you if they disapprove.

Do you favor carefully controlling immigration? You’re a racist! Question the value of “carbon offsets”? You’re a Climate Denier! Want school-choice vouchers? You’re a bigot! Dislike Obamacare? You’re against women and children! Oppose tax-funded abortion? You’re anti-feminist!

The Fascist Left wants to dictate all policy, goals, ideals and all speech. For all of us.

Sadly, most of the Media are perfectly willing to play along. In the aftermath of Trump’s “failure” to “call out” neo-Nazis, CNN’s Web site sported this headline in big red letters: “Trump’s Moral Failure.” How is that anything other than a prejudicial opinion masquerading as “news”? (That “headline” was quickly replaced with “This is a moral crisis. And it’s self-inflicted.” Slightly less pedantic, but no less opinionated.)

Media pundits and Democrat politicians are decrying President Trump’s “failure” to “properly” denounce the White Supremacists in Charlottesville last weekend. Never mind that Trump decried the violence, called for calm, for unity, for an end to strife. Trump committed what, for the Left, is a Cardinal sin: He failed to adopt the Left-approved rhetoric.

Instead, the President used his own words, and expressly condemned violence on all sides.

How dare the President think for himself! How dare he not see the world precisely as the Left expects him to see it, and speak in precisely the words they choose for him!

The Left is so utterly convinced that the only view of the world worth considering is their own, limited, biased, prejudiced, bombastic view, they actually condemn the leader of the Free World for exercising the freedom to speak freely.

I can’t think of any clearer illustration of the fact that the Left has become the Fascists of the Twenty-First Century.

I remind Leftists that Fascism, which they profess to abhor, is an outgrowth of the socio-political elitism of the late 1800’s, when the idea that Government should control Society using the tools of Science became the guiding principal of the Intelligensia. Progressivism is a direct outgrowth of that movement. Naziism, Communism and the Mussolini and Franco versions of Fascism all sprang from the notion that Government must perfect Society.

So dismount that high horse, Liberals, and get real. If you think that only your Liberal ideals are of governing value, and that all Conservatives are stupid illiterate unsophisticated Bible-thumping gun-toting White-Supremacist rubes – a.k.a., “Deplorables” – you are donning the cloak of Fascism.

The firestorm suggesting Donald Trump is a “sympathizer” of White Supremacists is just another ridiculous, Media-concocted controversy, with the aim of painting Trump as a racist bigot. Trump’s supposed “failure” to explicitly blame White Supremacists for the violence in Charlottesville is equated to Trump praising, or at least condoning, White Supremacist violence. That is simply absurd. Shame on the Fake News Media for amping up the divisive rhetoric, for abetting the Fascist Left, for participating in dishonest Trump-bashing rather than simply reporting the truth.

And when the President finally relented and used the Left’s prescribed words to re-phrase his own earlier condemnation of the violence, CNN’s smug, Holier-Than-Him host Jake Tapper reacted this way: “Now that the President has actually admitted it was White Supremacists involved: Why did it take him so long?

Americans have grown pretty weary of the Left’s dictatorial stance. We have no problem calling out White Supremacists as evil bigots; but we expect to see our news Media similarly pointing out the inherently bigoted stance of the Black Lives Matter crowd. Instead, when a Democratic Presidential candidate was booed for asserting that all lives matter, the Media shamed him, reporting that story as though he deserved booing for daring to suggest that lives other than Black ones might matter, too.

And, Boy! the Left-wing furor that resulted from public figures suggesting that Blue (police) lives might matter, as well. Calling all Left-wing Bigots!! We can’t let ’em get away with suggesting that Police are people, too!

In 1949, George Orwell published the prophetic Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which he envisioned a totalitarian world government controlling the minds and souls of the masses by means of a constant stream of government-crafted speech delivered via ubiquitous “telescreens.” Liberals have been trying to achieve that vision of “perfection” ever since, and with the advent of cable news, a 24-hour news cycle, the ubiquitous Internet, and the growing preponderance of “Fake News” over the real thing, they are closer than they have ever been to accomplishing that goal. True Americans recognize how inherently un-American is such a state. That is why they elected Trump to combat the descent into globalism.

Government sanctioning and elevating Black Lives Matter is a clear signal that American Liberalism has warped into Fascism. Liberals once championed equality, personal freedom and national responsibility. (Remember “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”?) Shumer, Pelosi, Clinton and the rest of the Democrat star chamber should be required to explain how championing a particular skin color squares with those ideals. (And don’t forget – Obama invited BLM right into the White House. Apparently he approved of the inherent bigotry.)

Democrats still don’t understand why the middle of the country, and the middle of the political spectrum, is deserting them in droves. It’s because Americans can’t stand dictatorships. And Fascism is both a tool and a goal of dictators.

But the “Fake News” mavens, the Democrat shills and the Republican turncoats are dragging us ever closer to Big Brother’s estate. The removal or destruction of Confederate statues smacks of the re-writing of history Orwell foresaw. And the video of people spitting and stomping on a downed statue in North Carolina eerily recalled videos of ISIS defacing historical symbols in Syria and Iraq. Is ISIS-like fascism becoming the New American Normal?

Liberals: You have a First Amendment right to speak freely; but stop insisting that your speech is the only free speech that counts!

Conservatives: You elected Trump, why can’t you stand behind him? He’s not a carefully articulate President, but you didn’t elect him to be a “perfect” speaker, you elected him to be a fighter! Stop undermining his strength by taking the Left’s bait and parroting their Fascist demands!

At the very least, it’s time for all Democrats, all Liberals, and all journalists to re-read Orwell’s classic. Several times.

Perhaps they’ll begin to recognize themselves in Orwell’s terrible, vision of dystopia.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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William Hicks
William Hicks
3 years ago

The President should never had rephrased his original comments.