State Coastal Conservancy Board Tour Ormond Beach

By Tom Dunn

On February 6, 2020, the State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) Board toured Ormond Beach, which had not been done for some time. Chris Kroll from the SSC and his board met with Cynthia Hartley of Ventura Audubon Society (VAS), Peter Dixon of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), members from the California Coastal Commission, Oxnard City Council member Carmen Ramirez, Isidro Figueroa of the city of Oxnard, Lucas Zucker of CAUSE, and members from Friends of Ormond Beach. All spoke about what their respective agencies have been doing to clean up Ormond Beach and prepare for the snowy plover nesting and breeding season, which begins in early March. 

Kroll stated that the main reason that the city and agencies are now working together is because of the push from Port Hueneme residents and from Friends of Ormond Beach. The agencies let it be known how important Ormond Beach is and how they were concerned about the poor condition it is in due to vagrants camping in the area, bringing in trash that draws predators, such as coyotes and ravens, and the lack of city upkeep. The various state agencies recognized the importance of Port Hueneme residents and Friends of Ormond Beach speaking out against the neglect and volunteering their time to clean up the area after the encampments were removed. 

Thanks to Port Hueneme residents, Friends of Ormond Beach, the Oxnard Unified High School District, Curren K-8 school, and to all volunteers from Ventura County for their help. We will need more help to make Ormond Beach a jewel for residents and visitors alike and especially provide a nesting area for migratory birds to rest and breed.  Many people don’t know how valuable Ormond Beach is environmentally, but those who do know, know that it is not an area where the homeless should be permitted to establish encampments. Last season was marked by numerous incidents of homeless walking through the nest areas.  Crushed eggs were later found.  This human activity is in clear violation of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the California Endangered  Species Act (CESA), the California Coastal Act (CCA), the City of Oxnard Coastal Land Use Plan, (CLUP), and Local Coastal Plan (LCP), the Migratory Bird  Treaty Act (MBTA), and other City Ordinances.  

Source: Hueneme Voice

Tom Dunn is a Port Hueneme resident who is publisher of Hueneme Voice.

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I think it’s great you want to conserve the beach and clean up the area for the birds I also think to say the homeless that are homeless should be the cities top priority to help them more , they don’t live there because they want to they live there because they have too ! Homeless have been there for years help them first ,to say they are bringing in the coyotes and stepping on eggs is not true ,get your facts straight , bring in some people to help them , worried about the birds but not the human beings living in those conditions ? Think about that !

Renee McIntyre

What do the CitIes of Oxnard and Port Hueneme plan to do about the homeless people and can the area be fenced off?