State Controller finds Oxnard’s independent auditors satisfied federal reporting requirements

The City of Oxnard and independent auditor Eadie and Payne LLP announced Friday, Sept. 2, 2016, that California State Controller Betty T. Yee found that Eadie and Payne LLP satisfied federal reporting requirements for the 2015 single audit report it completed for the City of Oxnard.

“This is another step toward putting our fiscal house in order,” said Oxnard City Manager Greg Nyhoff. “It confirms the steps we’ve taken to rebuild our foundation, and we will continue our focus on financial recovery and reinvesting in the community,” he said.

“Having audited the City of Oxnard’s June 2015 records and having issued our reports, we are pleased with the ‘no findings noted’ letter from the State Controller’s Office,” said Eden Casareno, Eadie and Payne’s partner in charge of government services. “We look forward to beginning the 2016 audit for the City,” she said.

About Eadie and Payne

For over four decades Eadie and Payne has provided auditing and business services to municipal entities throughout California.

About the City of Oxnard

The City of Oxnard is a full-service general law city incorporated in 1903. Oxnard is the largest and most populous city in the County of Ventura, serving 200,000 culturally diverse residents. Located along Southern California’s central coast, Oxnard is 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles and 35 miles south of Santa Barbara. Read more about the City of Oxnard at Follow us on social media at (@CityofOxnard), and


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Eileen Tracy
Eileen Tracy
4 years ago

For about a year, I notice that the city manager has been “spinning” press releases to make the city manager’s office look better than many residents are getting disgusted. Why can’t we get straightforward information and why doesn’t Council address this practice from their employee??

Jim Lavery
Jim Lavery
4 years ago

Nothing to crow about here. The City just passed a routine review. Yawn.

However, the extremely rare state review of the City’s contract auditors’ workpapers for the 14-15 audit continues. That process began on August 15 and is ongoing.

This means that the State felt it was necessary because of the lateness of the audit and it’s over 100 findings to review what happened in Oxnard.

Oxnard and Bell are in special company; they are the only cities in the State to have been subject to this type of review by the State Controller’s Office in the past 5 years. It is that serious.

There is no mention of this ongoing review in the press release, though. Why not?

Citizen Reporter
4 years ago
Reply to  Jim Lavery

Note to readers: Mr. Lavery is a well-qualified former municipal financial executive, who watches Oxnard closely and often speaks at Council and fiscal policy task force meetings.