State of Dis-Union



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By Phil Erwin

As expected, Barack Obama attempted in his State-of-the-Union message to convince us that things are OK, and getting better. No, really. They are. Don’tcha know?

Of course, statistics, the news, and how we are feeling put the lie to that notion. The State of our Union is most definitely not “strong,” as Obama concluded. A more accurate State forecast might be: “Precarious, with a threat of Disaster.

One thing that was not expected was for him to take responsibility for the extraordinary and counterproductive polarization of American society in general, and American politics in particular. At least he did that much…

Oh, wait a minute. I misspoke. He did not take responsibility. He merely voiced regret

Well, we all regret it, Mr. President. But with you at the national helm, there wasn’t much any of us could do about it – considering:

  • Your persistent berating of a “do-nothing Congress,” by which you really mean “Do-nothing-I-tell-them-to Congress”
  • Your law-flouting insistence that your Pen and Phone trump the nation’s Constitutional limits to your power – by which we know you to be a Dictator at heart
  • Your stubbornly fostering illegal immigration and bolstering refugeeism, when we all know that increases the likelihood of terrorists infiltrating our borders and our civilization.
  • Your constant carping about “gun control” – by which we know you mean “citizen control” – when you should instead be talking about “terrorist control”
  • Your (predictably) siding with Black “victims” of police “violence” – while absolutely ignoring the deadliest perpetrators of Black violence – other Black criminals and gangs
  • Your dogged determination to close Guantanamo, when we all know there’s zero percent chance that doing so will actually reduce the terror threat, and 100 percent probability that the terrorists you are releasing will kill in the future.
  • Your stubborn insistence on negotiating a “guarantee” that Iran will never go nuclear – when history, reason and our own eyes and ears tell us that Iran is playing you like a piccolo, and you’re about to hand over the means by which they will increase their support of global terrorism, even while carrying on whatever nuclear programs they choose behind your back.
  • And we can’t forget Obamacare, a con job on par with Bernie Madoff telling people they’d get 20% returns, forever. Sure, you can keep your plans, your doctors…

Much political hay was made about Mitch McConnell proclaiming that his top priority was to ensure that Obama was a one-term President – not exactly a recipe for bi-partisanship. But McConnell was supposed to provide opposition, wherever he felt Obama’s policies would damage the nation. Which was pretty much all of Obama’s policies, in the estimation of McConnell and many in the country – as the above laundry list details.

And remember – McConnell’s remark came after Obama had publicly, arrogantly chided John McCain for having lost an election to His Excellency, the new Emperor in town. “We’re not campaigning anymore, John. The election’s over,” crowed His Nibs. No title of respect for the most visible and venerable of Viet Nam’s American heroes. No “Work with me on this,” no reaching out for ideas, or trying to convince the Loyal Opposition. Just a back-of-the-hand brush-off, a not-very-subtle reminder that the King has spoken, and the proper response is to kneel…

And Obama wonders why he’s had trouble getting Congress to do his bidding.

You’d think, if Obama had any real interest in “working with” Congress, he might at least have instituted regular visits – An idea exchange over evening cocktails, or maybe hashing things out over breakfast hash-n-eggs. But no, the cultural exchanges between Obama and a “non-compliant” Congress were so infrequent as to actually be noteworthy.

When Paul Ryan picked up the House gavel and announced his desire to make bi-partisan progress on the nation’s problems, did Obama send out an invitation to tea?

Nope. Ryan was asked whether he’d met with the President several weeks after becoming Speaker – weeks during which the next year’s budget deal was being finalized, and the next year’s agenda was being discussed. Ryan hadn’t even spoken with the President. I’m guessing His Nibs thinks it’s unseemly for an Emperor to have to phone the Plebeians in order to have a conversation. Maybe he thinks Ryan’s supposed to bring over a sacrificial lamb, or send up a burnt offering, or make some other supplication before the God of America should deign to step down from the White Olympus and lend a Royal ear.

I know, I know… I’m mixing metaphors. But I wonder whether Obama doesn’t mix those very same metaphors in his daily thoughts. ‘Cause if you consider his behavior over the last seven years, you can’t help but wonder whether he thinks “President” is actually code for “King,” or “Emperor,” or “God.”

He certainly doesn’t think it stands for “Servant of the People”, or for “Protector and Defender of the Constitution.” Oath of Office notwithstanding.

A trailer for a new show has the lead character, a billionaire, pose the rhetorical question (here euphemized for decorum): “What’s the point of having ‘F-U money’ if you never say “F-U’?”

Obama behaves as though his operational guideline is, “What’s the point of having ‘F-U power’ if you don’t say ‘F-U’ – Whenever you want. To everyone. For any reason.”

One more year, and we can all say “F-U” to this demi-god who has a talent for sounding good, but absolutely no talent whatever for actually doing good.



Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies, and is none too fond of Statistics. If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.

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