State postponing diesel law for many truckers may save jobs

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has issued revised plans that would postpone its draconian diesel law. This new development might save some trucking businesses that otherwise may have had no choice but to leave the state or shut down.


CARB postponing diesel law for many truckers

CARB new exemptions map 

Lightly shaded areas are proposed for exemption

The bureaucrats at CARB originally planned to require owners of pre-2007 trucks to install costly filters by

January 1st of this year.  


The agency exempted some coastal and northern counties from the law.


CARB’s new proposal adds additional counties to the exempt list, exempts truckers who were denied loans,

who travel 5,000 miles or less annually, or have fleets of less than three trucks.


Click here to read an article from Overdrive Magazine on the specifics of CARB’s plans and how they

might help your business.



Truckers to protest CARB on April 24th

Many truckers, already struggling due to high taxes and a poor economy, not to mention California’s

high fuel costs, say CARB’s changes are too little too late. The State’s diesel regulations are by far the

strictest in the nation, and based on the findings of a researcher” who falsified his credentials. The

retrofits CARB requires are expensive and potentially unsafe.


That’s why a grassroots group of truckers are now organizing a protest to coincide with the agency’s

Thursday, April 24th meeting at the California EPA building in Sacramento.


Click here to follow this new effort on Facebook and receive updates on the group’s plans. 


Eric Eisenhammer, Founder Coalition of Energy Users

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