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    Setting Brushfires of Freedom by Don Jans

    Status Of Constitutional Carry

    By Bruce Boyer


    We started 2021 with SIXTEEN states! Now at TWENTY-ONE!

    Prior to Alaska becoming Constitutional Carry in 2004; only Vermont was, as it has been since Statehood.  

    AZ came on in 2010; WY in 2011; KS and ME in 2015,

    WV, ID, MS, MO came on in 2016 followed by NH and ND in 2017.

    SD, OK, KY, AR came on in 2020, brought the number to sixteen.   

    #17 Utah: Feb 12th 2021; Utah became Constitutional Carry!

    #18 Montana: On Feb 18th Montana became Constitutional Carry!

    #19 Iowa: Constitutional signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds on April 2nd2021! “Governor Kim Reynolds is an unapologetic supporter of our Second Amendment freedoms,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA-PVF chairman. “Iowans can trust her to fight for their freedoms.” Iowa has had the third highest % of CCWs at 18%

    #20: Tennessee: “Mostly” Constitutional Carry signed April 8th 2021!

    #21: Texas: Signed into law June 16th 2021! This is a game over, we win.


    Who is next for 2022?


    Alabama: High probability for 2022. Statehouse is 63% Rep and a Repub Gov. Const. Carry bill is already pre-filed for 2022.  With MS and now TN Const carry: and GA ad FL Govs announcing support for it; AL will get it done in 2022!  CCW permits of over one million are issued to 28.5% of all adults; the nation’s highest. AL voters reaffirmed the 2nd A in their State Const by a huge margin. County sheriffs  are not willing to let go of the power and money of CCW permits

    Florida:  For sure in 2022! . Statehouse is 64% Repub and a Repub Gov. De Santis knows what winning looks like.  On Dec 3rd 2021 De Santis affirmed that he will absolutely sign it. The bill should be on his desk in Jan 2022! Did not happen  in 2021 as  Repubs  were blocking it. The sheriffs & State Police want all the CCW$! Florida has probably the highest number of CCWs of any state with now over two million and has as higher % of gun ownership than Texas >35%. The large County of Broward is Dem. and hostile to gun owners thereby generating greater 2ndA assertiveness from gun owners. FL saw a war over this in 2020, not so much in 2021; De Santis is standing in opposition to the Dems and Biden so I expect him to sign Const. Carry. Expect 2ndA Sanctuary as well! De Santis has become much more a defender of the 2ndA.  It will happen in 2022 as De Santis will get it done.  


    Georgia: Not this year.  A ‘Very Likely” for 2022. Statehouse is 58% Rep and a Repub Gov. GA has over one million CCW permits. The Sheriffs and State police want all that CCW $!  Gov Kemp was elected in a squeaker in 2018. Gov. Kemp is not a ‘risk taker”. Kemp is now facing former Repub senator Purdue as a primary challenger. Purdue announced unqualified support for Const Carry. Now Kemp has gotten on board as well! Expect kemp to get it done in Mar/April to best deflate Perdue.  CC was introduced in 2020; Kemp was why it didn’t get done.  More than 10% of GA adults have CCWs. Gun ownership is >35%. The Repubs now see this as a way to bigger electoral wins so they are pushing it. is on this. Gov.  Kemp will need 2ndA supporters and we have a US Senate race in the 2022 election so expect it.


    Ohio:  I am now calling this as a ‘ very likely”;  Ohio will be Constitutional Carry state #22! State-house is 73% Rep and a Repub Gov. Congress is 12-4 Repubs.  In APR 2021; it was nothing doing. Gov. De Wine is only a somewhat 2ndA governor, who then signed strengthened “stand your ground” legislation. Started rolling in August, now in October we have Constitutional Carry SB215 getting traction. It passed the Assembly by a two to one margin and the Senate in Dec. Reconcilation is underway. When done I goes to gov De Wine (R). He is NOT a big 2ndA guy; however he will NOT buck the Party and he is smart enough to lead the parade! Ohio had 132,000 CCWs in 2019 which is huge, but not for a State of twelve million people it’s 1.5%. In 2020 they added 96,000 CCWs. No numbers able as to 2021, likely the same or more than 2020 as that is the pattern elsewhere. The C-19 and the Biden gun buying surges are very big in Ohio, growing the numbers across the > 30% gun ownership threshold. As I have postulated for two years, when it gets to 300,000 CCW permits; then it will become Const. Carry. Thirty-seven ( ½) of the Counties are 2ndA sanctuaries. The bigger win in Ohio by Trump tells the pols which way the people are going. Buckeyefireamrsassociation.


    Indiana: Not this year. “Likely” for 2022. Statehouse is 73% Rep and a Repub Gov. Second highest CCW at 18.7% and gun ownership at est. 35%, about the same as OK and FL. Const carry passed in the Assembly 63 to 21. Repub Sen Liz Brown held  it up in committee, Repub Senators would not vote to force it out. They passed a fee waiver on a five year CCW. That will reduce the resistance to Const. Carry so it is likely in 2022. The Repubs are very ‘old-school” or ‘traditional” so Const. Carry is a very scary prospect and as they are the power structure, they have no need to do anything ‘controversial” to stay in power. Kentucky coming on did not make a big impact; if/when Ohio comes on the Indiana will likely follow. Went from a “possibly” in 2021 to a “likely in 2022”!  



    Nebraska: High probability for 2022. Statehouse is 65% Rep and a Repub Gov. NE was not even Shall Issue fifteen years ago. Const. Carry was introduced in 2018. Did not get traction. It is not as though it is being opposed, it is that it is NOT being pushed. Nebraska has a >30% gun ownership but a <10% CCW rate. NE is ‘Republican” but not of the more ‘Constitutional” type. On the plus side are all the adjacent states that are Const Carry; IA, KS, MO, SD, WY. Only CO is not. Nebraska will when other States do so,” Is what I wrote in Jan. 2021 and now we see Gov. Ricketts declare NE as a 2ndA Sanctuary Apr. 14th 2021! 2ndA sanctuary counties are growing. NE is coming on! Look for the Cornhuskers to be CC in 2022!


    South Carolina: Good possibility for 2022 Statehouse is 65% Rep and a Repub Gov. ; Failed, in 2021: Repub Senate would not do Const. Carry. Passed ‘permit open carry, limited. Weak BS. Repub head of the Senate Judiciary Committee Luke Rankin (who served as a Dem. until 2004) is not moving it (though he stated in Feb 2021 he 100% supports Const Carry! If/when GA comes on that will put a lot of pressure on SC.  The pols need the Repub voters support so expect it in 2022..



    There were record NICS checks for 17 straight months, January 2020 through May 2021, with each of those 17 months breaking every previous record for NICS checks in that respective month.

    January 2021 was a record w 2,100,000 and Feb 2021 were the highest Jan and Feb. ever.

    March 2021 saw 4,691,738 NICS checks! Another record IL w/ 4% of the US population accounted for THIRTY PERCENT of the March numbers!

    APR 2021; 3,485,016; a 21% increase from 2020!

    May 2021: 3,222,000 2nd highest  ever!, May 2020 was 3,091,000, set a record.

    June 2021: gun sales at a record 2.1 million! Only June of 2020 exceeded this number, shortage of guns was the factor.

    July 2021: 2,882,000 sales, only limited by the supply. 

    Aug 2021; 2,715,000 2nd highest Aug ever, exceeded only by Aug 2020!

    Sept 2021, 2,626,000, 2nd highest September ever; exceeded only by Sept 2020!

    Oct 2021 32% higher than 2019. Only exceeded by Oct 2020.

    Nov 2021; 2nd highest Nov ever.

    The gun sales numbers are not slowing and as Dems do ‘defund the police” and crime explodes it will grow!


    Of the fifteen states that had come on since 2000, only AZ and NH went for Biden&Dems (or not, depending on how much fraud there was) and ME split. Const. Carry gives a reason to own and hence carry a gun. Shall Issue moved it greatly to increasing gun ownership and people vote based on what they ‘carry”. Const. Carry (CC) takes it to the limit and greatly increases the 2ndA as a political power base.  Attacks on gun owners by the Dem. State Leg. in NH  (CC in 2016) caused the shift as the 2ndA Repubs flipped both chambers of the State Leg. in Nov 2020. Message was loud and clear: Don’t mess w/ 2ndA rights. The Dems did and they got fired!  


      In 2021 we saw SIXTEEN become a HUGE TWENTY-ONE. A gain of FIVE States in a year blows apart all records for political shifts! TX coming on is essentially a ‘Game Over” a ‘we win” for Constitutional Carry as we move into the 2022 elections.  This will also push many of the remaining eight ‘possible States” to “get it done” in 2022. With neighboring States coming on this adds a lot of pressure as people ask ”why not us?” Calculating that of AL, FL, GA, IN, NE, OH, SC; I’m calling six get it done in 2022; that puts us at TWENTY-SEVEN CONST. CARRY STATES heading into the 2022 elections!  This is key to removing the four ‘blocks” of the Dem. Governors in the Repub 2ndA friendly States of  MI, NC, PA, WS  (and KS which is Const. Carry) in the 2022 elections ( LA in 2023)  and gaining control of the House and Senate!  We could well see the current TWENTY-ONE become THIRTY, and poss ( max. of THIRTY-three) heading into the 2024 elections!  That means they will be electoral wins for Repubs/2ndA in 2024. That guarantees a win in Congress and the White House!! This will spell a huge defeat for the anti-2ndA Dem. Party on a National level.

    THE SIX BLOCKED: LA, MI, NC, PA, VA and WS; ALL have a high percentage of gun-owners; ALL became ‘Shall-Issue” under Rebub. govs. Const. Carry is blocked by the Dem. governors (who were all elected in 2018, so all are up in 2022) in MI NC and


    Louisiana: It passed in the Assembly and Senate. Gov Edwards vetoed it after the Leg. adjourned. July 21st;2021.  The Repubs called a special session. Two Repub senators and two Dems were bought off/flipped, they voted for it and then voted against it. It passed but not enough to override the veto. So next year it will be back.  Union ‘Law Enforcement” publicly attacked it. Gun owners in LA need to put bullseyes on the traitors. The Repubs will work to get a veto-proof vote on this in 2022 and 2023. Gov Edwards is termed out, in Oct. 2023. : ‘Possible ‘ for 2022/2023. Almost assured with a new Repub Gov for early 2024.  


    MI ; Repubs control both House and Senate. SI w/>10% CCW & >30% gun ownership. Const Carry bill is there; Repubs may be able to pass it. APR. Repub Judiciary chair Lisa Baker is blocking it. If passed, Dem. Gov Witmer (the witch) will veto it; useful  tool to defeat her in 2022! Repubs refuse to use the weap[ons that will defeat the Dems!


    NC ; Repubs control both House and Senate. SI w/>10% CCW & >30% gun ownership. HB 197 was filed in March. Repubs did not see it as the lever to wedge out the Dems. Maybe they will in 2022?? They watched it win in FIVE other States this year!


    Pennsylvania: It passed both the Assembly and Senate. As expected, Gov Wolf (D) vetoed it! There are not enough votes to override, Repubs are in the majority; Assembly (109 to 94) and Senate  (28 of 50); so no Const. Carry in 2021. The vote in the Assembly ( 107 to 92) shows that there are some Repubs afraid to vote for it and some Dems afraid to vote against it. Wolf is being set up to be fired, as are some Dem legislators, in Nov 2022. Expect that Wolf and some will be. Look for a new Repub Gov in 2023 that will sign it! The pressure from the FOP Police unions who are afraid of losing all that CCW $ was overcome by the Repubs as the Dems are lining up against the cops. PA  is SI >10% and >30% gun ownership; over one million CCWs; and the numbers are growing fast!


    Virginia: NOV 2021 elections saw the removal of the Dem. Gov; lt. Gov; AG and return control of the lower chamber to Repubs. The Dems still control the Senate.  VA is SI> 7% and > 30% gun ownership. 2020 saw 95% of the counties declare themselves 2ndA sanctuaries in response to Dem. threatened attacks on the2ndA (which they backed down on). 2020 saw the Dems ;officially” carry the State in NOV. “The surge for the 2ndA could well remove the Dems from power in the 2021” turned out I was correct. The State-wide 2ndA movement and Repub Party is well along and is growing.  Virginians are organizing and fighting for liberty. Without control of the State Senate; Const. Carry is blocked. The Repubs are I believe odds on to retake the Senate in 2023 and then VA will pass Const. Carry in 2024.

    Wisconsin:  Upgraded from a ‘blocked” to a ‘remote possible”. Repubs control both House (61 of 99) and Senate (21 of 33). WS is SI w/>10% CCW & >30% gun ownership. On the win side is the growth of 110K new CCWs in 2019 & 2020. 4.3 million adults in WS. Repubs are now willing to play the winning hand they have in the 2ndA. The riots accelerated an already high number of CCWs. The Assembly and Senate passed Const. Carry by large margins. The Rittenhouse acquittal will help push this. Gov. Evers (D) is a lib. Dem-prog so he will not sign it. However, it sets the stage for the Repubs to push to override as a few Dems might well be persuadable (to save their seats in the 2022 elections). If this is not successful, and I doubt it will be, expect a Repub. Gov to take office in 2023 and the Const. Carry is done!


    On a parallel track “Stand your ground” States are now at 37 as Arkansas came on in Jan 2021!      

    Another parallel track is the Kansas House and Senate Repubs overriding the Dem Gov. Veto of extending Const. Carry to adults under age 21 in May 2021!


    Also on a parallel track are the rise of 2ndA Sanctuary states and counties; They have passed resolutions and laws that refuse to enforce un-constitutional laws as to guns our 2ndA. Alaska, Kansas, Idaho and Wyoming were added in 2021. That makes fifteen!  As of Sept 21st, 2021 there are now 1,965 counties that have declared themselves as such. That is 62.5% of all American counties! Seven states have none. AL has one.  IL, is 2ndA sanctuary in 64 of 102 counties. High numbers in OR, TX and WA. NM is thirty of thirty-six! 95% of the counties in VA and Kentucky are 2ndA sanctuaries. Iowa went from zero to fifteen in 2021. In CA, we have Siskoyu, Modoc and Yuba counties, three of fifty-eight. Needles CA declared itself a 2ndA sanctuary in 2019! Nationally, the counties are coming on at a rate of two or better per month!


    CCWs Carry permits continued to rise in 2020 w/ 820,000 new permittees, increasing 34% since 2016. 2021 has been even higher. While we saw the huge growth in Const Carry which off-set  some of the CCW demand as CCWs  declined slightly in some of the Const Carry states.  The 2020 CCW numbers should be at a far greater % as the C-19 and riots brought about explosive growth in gun sales of 200-300% and higher (esp. 1st time gun owners) and CCWs. An extreme shortage of guns has limited gun sales and with many local govts having ‘delayed” issuing new and renewal of CCWs… Dems n’ power… blaming C-19… that has kept the numbers down. Note that women now make up 26.4% of CCWs.


    Looking ahead, the prospects for additional states coming on board are excellent!  Gun sales were 600K per mo until Obama’s election, that took it to well over a million, it dropped back to 800K and then rose steadily until Sandy Hook in 2012 when it spiked at 2Mill per mo. dropping back to 1 mill  until 2016, another spike and then levelling off at 1.2 mill per mo. Then Covid, and the riots and ‘defund the police” and “Pres”. Biden. It went to the near 2 mill per mo. and has stayed there, month after month.  

    While Biden has moved to block/delay imports in an effort to slow down the number of guns available, the Dems in The House passing severe anti 2ndA bills with the Senate blocking them and Biden’s un-constitutional orders and ‘rules” are driving gun sales and ownership ( and the political shoot-back) ever higher

    Court cases: Parallel to the legislative drive for Const. Carry are the Court cases. This is what made Arkansas Constitutional Carry in 2020.  Judge Benitez’s ruling striking down the CA “Assault weapons Ban” is a huge win. Nichols v CA AG now Bonta (CA open Carry) has the potential for the “Game over” we win. The courts are stalling as to Nichols. The Young v. Hawaii ruling did not knock out Nichols due to Nichols being correctly positioned and argued; Young being neither. This is NOT wishful thinking. I have supported, assisted, read and followed these cases for nearly a decade. We could and I expect to see “Const. Carry” happen as a result. If the Ninth stands on it’s head it creates a split that SCOTUS must resolve; if it’s the nine we have now, Const. Carry will be restored, Nationwide. The Young ruling creates a circuit split so that is almost a SCOTUS necessity. I have much personal experience in Federal Courts and I know the lengths they will go to deny the people our liberties, though the greater our push the more the bend to it.  


    The removals of these Dem. Governors will see Const. Carry and 2ndA Sanctuary in all that are unblocked. These are also States where the Dem Govs will block election integrity efforts and in doing so, may allow enough fraud that they likely need to retain their offices.

    Gun sales and CCWs are breaking all records and these States are some of the highest! This will create a huge political push to remove these governors in 2022, the greater Const. Carry is in other States the greater the push in these! If they are removed in 2022 a leading cause may well be their attacks on our 2ndA and blocking Constitutional Carry!  If so, expect the Repub replacement to make Const. Carry happen in 2023 in every one of these States that elects a Repub Gov in 2022.


    THE SEVEN THAT COULD SHIFT: CO, IL, MN, NM, NV, OR, WA.   As Dems attack gun owners in 2021/22 watch as they lose control of some of these states as they did on NH in 2020. Watch ME and poss VT ( which has an anti 2ndA Repub gov.) With MJ now legal in ME and VT and five of these eight; the Dems cannot use ‘legal MJ ballot initiatives” to draw voter turnout and support. Their denial of CCW permits to the increased number of MJ users makes their problem larger!  The Dems are pushing more gun control in all of these, have already passed  it in CO, NM and OR. They are trying to reverse the growth; instead, it will only spur more!  MJ legal means the Dems can’t use this to get their voters to the polls.

    Colorado:  MJ legal: Dem.Gov. and Statehouse is Dem. 41-24 & 20-15.  SI >10% & 30% gun ownership. This is a huge %.  The problem is that the State has shifted more as an influx of Dems from other States continues to make this shift grow as the Dems don’t want to move to a Repub Texas so they go to Dem. and legal MJ CO. CO is statistically $+# for ‘mass shootings” and has every ‘gun control law there is now in 2021 has  ‘mandatory gun lock-up”,  As Gun owners and SI continue to grow, CO can and I think can shift. It is Shall Issue and high number of gun owners. The number of CO Counties that are 2ndA sanctuaries is at two thirds! Statewide 2ndA needs to get organized and the Repub Party needs to be accelerated. The Counties and Rep. Boebert are leading the way!   

    Illinois: MJ legal: The Dems run it w 64% of the Statehouse. The State is a lot more than Chicago. It is SI after the court victory in 2013. The State Police make it a long process. IL now has 300,000 CCW/CCP permits, appx 2%. Has a gun ownership rate of 25%; and has seen enormous gun sales numbers in 2020/2021. As of March 2021; 64 of 102 Counties are now 2ndA sanctuaries. With one million two hundred-fifty thousand NICS checks in March 2021; likely half of that is new CCW applications and 200,000 new gun owners! That equals an increase in the percentage of gun owners by one percent in  one month! IL will be at 30% gun ownership level this year! Thirty percent is the threshold that makes Const. Carry happen. At 35%  gun ownership it is unstoppable, it is only a matter of harnessing that into political power. With the crime rate off the hook in Chicago, I would expect that many of these guns are now owned by the people for their self-defense whether they can legally get a $150 CCP plus the other costs that total it up to $500, and it takes a year plus, or not. IL is NOT lost, it is fighting back. There will be a lot of political changes as the State is DEM-pension bankrupt; 2nd highest prop tax rate in the nation, all other taxes are sky-high. People in IL are staying and fighting; not leaving! Statewide 2ndA is now growing! Repub Party is there, not what it should be.

    Minnesota: MJ medical: Dem. Gov and control of the House 75-59 (56%) while the Repubs control Senate 34-33. SI >5% & >30% gun ownership; The State was making progress, the Dems have retrenched in their political power at the State level with voting blocks of Somali immigrants and hard core u govt. union workers. The GF riots scared and shocked Minnesotans while an exploding crime rate is forcing back the ‘’defund the police’ as Minnesotans see that they must be prepared to defend themselves. While it has been a very Dem. State (last Republican Pres. it voted for was Nixon in ’72 (the longest running Dem. streak). The State Sen. has been Repub for the last five years and the Leg. has been Repub five of the last ten years.  The Repubs made a gain of one in Congressional seats in 2020 with five of the eight House seats flipped around in 2018 & 2020, the House delegation is now four and four. Gov. election  in 2022. MN will shift and it will shift 2ndA.  One in four counties are now 2ndA sanctuaries! State Repub Party is pretty effective; 2ndA movement was lacking. The ongoing riots in Brooklyn Center and the Twin Cities have Minnesotans rightly afraid. This means more self-defense. MN people are pushing hard and winning. Some sheriffs are gaming not issuing CCW permits and renewals.  As  a state w/ five  million adults; it has doubled it’s number of CCWs adding 150K in 2019 & 2020. 300K, No final numbers for 2021 but it shows as close to that of 2020.  CCWs  exceeded that critical 10% threshold in 2021.  Organization is desperately needed.

    New Mexico Dem. Gov. (election in 2022) and dominated with the Statehouse at 65% Dem. Is SI at <2% but is Open Carry, with the highest % of gun ownership other than AK at 50%. Dems attacked gun owners and the Repubs re-took  a House seat in 2020 but no change in the Statehouse.  The resignation of the Dem speaker with corruption charges in July 2021 will help as will that 75% of the counties are 2ndA sanctuaries. NM is def winnable.  The Repubs and 2ndAs lack a deep, State-wide organization. The Dems have doubled down on anti-2ndA introducing a bill to criminalize teaching anyone under 18 years of age to handle a gun. The crash in the State’s economy due to Dems shutting down oil and gas will propel an anti-Dem. movement that could cause a shift. Twenty-seven of the thirty-three counties are now 2ndA sanctuaries! NM does have a ways to go, but it is winnable and it will be won. The Dems will likely continue dig in so they will have to be dug out. The Dems are working hard to force NM to live free or die. 2ndA people must organize, they are, and fight back to reclaim their liberty.

    Nevada: MJ legal: Dem Gov. and Statehouse is at 58%. Repubs made gains in 2020. NViIs SI > 4% and solid gun ownership.  Many residents left as the C-19 lockdowns crashed much of the Las Vegas economy as retirees from CA are moving in. NV had the highest % of ‘not born in the State” of any before C-19. Dems are splitting between the Prog-Socialists and the non Prog-Socialists. Eleven of the seventeen counties are now 2ndA sanctuaries! The construction trade and resort workers unions are in trouble as those jobs are gone. The State is in flux. NV is flip-able. Lacks a deep and State-wide  2ndA movement. It will take a lot of organizing work but it can be won. Ten of sixteen counties are now ‘2ndA sanctuaries” and two of those are ‘Constitutional Counties” First in the USA. NV will be a fight and I think one we will win.

    Oregon: MJ legal: Dem Gov. and dominated with 63% of the Statehouse. Repubs gained two seats in 2020. Is “kinda issue” w 25% gun ownership. With the Eastern Oregon counties ALL declaring themselves 2ndA sanctuaries and then voting in 2020 to secede from OR and become part of Idaho and huge gains in Repub. voting in SW Oregon. OR is shifting to the 2ndA, sixteen of thirty-five counties are 2ndA sanctuaries, but the Dems remain in control, at least for a while. Again, lacks a deep and State-wide 2ndA movement. It will take a lot of organizing work but it can be won.

    Washington: MJ legal: Dem. Gov. and Statehouse.  SI > 8% and appx 25% gun ownership. Record gun sales and CCWs (where permitted). The rural East and South are solid Repub but their Repub pols (at least those in Congress) are squishy RINOs. Eastern WA is more like Idaho, and nothing like Seattle. Twenty four of thirty-eight counties are 2ndA sanctuaries! WA is shifting solidly. The Statewide 2ndA movement is happening, Repub Party Statewide  is still floundering.

    THE NINE (it was twelve) STATES WITH LITTLE OR NO HOPE, NOW: CA, CT, DE, HI, MA, MD, NY NJ RI have a low to moderate % of gun-owners. have Dem. Legislatures and Dem. Governors .It will likely happen at a national due to a court case win  before most of these come on.

    CA In CA: In twenty months we have seen record gun sales with an est. >1.5 million NEW gun owners (of which 750,000 are women) a great many of these being people who would not have voted with us until now! 51 of our 58 Counties are “Shall Issue” others are ‘Will Issue” within the limits that they provide the resources to do so. Hell froze over and the pigs do fly as the Los Angeles County Sheriff is issuing CCWs! The County had 147 CCWs, Sheriff Villanueva is now set up to issue 100 per week.  For a County of 12 million that is a drop but it is a complete reversal of previous policy, a bell-weather and a spectacular breakthrough! Three Counties are 2ndA Sanctuary! Del Norte; Siskoyu and Yuba.

    The problem is gun owners are leaving the State half as fast as we make new ones! Therefore, we must create new gun owners and more CCWs!  CCWs in CA have risen from 98K to 141K in two years! CA is not lost, but it’s gonna be a long hard fight. CA is far more doable than any of the others ‘without hope”.

    CT has been ‘Shall Issue” for over thirty-five years, much higher % of gun owners than MA or NJ. One good BLM riot in CT with “defund the police” will create a hundred-thousand plus gun owners very fast!

    DE is No Issue. Very few gun owners.

    HI is No Issue. Has a very low gun ownership rate, est. 5% (firearms sales indicate it could be double that or those who own guns own A LOT of them!) but the Dems own it. All 2ndA activity is a threat to their power.

    MA and MD are also No Issue also have low gun ownership, Dem. Statehouses and anti-2ndA/liberty Repub. Govs. No real possibility of Constitutional Carry in either of these in the next four years.

    NJ No Issue. Gun ownership is there, but not large. The shift is happening as we saw Edward Durr elected to the NJ State Senate on a ‘shall issue platform”. If he can knock off the top Dem in the NJ senate w $2,600 and ‘Shall Issue” NJ can be won.

    NY is No Issue. Will SCOTUS change this? I expect it will to some level so the shift is happening.

    RI is No Issue. A total Dem. State w 2% gun ownership.


    Bruce Boyer,

    Candidate for sheriff, Ventura County CA [email protected]

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