Stephen J. Schrader Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate — Statement on Welfare

I agree that as a civilized country we need a social “Safety Net”.

However, the way that Welfare is being administered has turned it into a multi-generational cycle of poverty where generations follow generations into poverty in perpetuity.

Luckily our now growing economy is providing jobs. All we have to do is to create a new Welfare program that first marries up a willing Welfare recipient with an available job. Then, we assist that recipient in moving where the job.

The trick is how do we get people who are satisfied with the lifestyle that they’re getting for free to want to go get a job to improve their lot in life?

That answer is simple, we end the practice of giving a woman increased benefits when she has a baby.

If a Welfare recipient wants to have a family, they’re going to have to take up the job offer.

And if they choose to stay on Welfare they can.

Yes, the Democrats are going to call me, “Cruel”. To this I respond, “My parents had to pay for me and my sister, and I had to pay for my daughter and son. For that matter, every other parent in America has had to pay for their kids. Why should we be forced to pay for the kids on Welfare as well? After all, “Responsibility” is the key characteristic of a good parent.”

Of course, this proposal will drive the Democratic Party frantic. This is because the party’s entire power base is dependent on maintaining their lock on control of the nation’s largest cities. And, that lock on power is solely based on perpetuating the absolute dependence of the huge Welfare communities in those cities on the Democrats.

 This dependence of the Democrats on this and a handful of other issues is their “Achilles Heel”. Neutralize those issues and the Democratic Party as we know it today ceases to exist.

And this proposal “Neutralizes” their most important issue.

Respectfully yours,

Stephen J. Schrader

Stephen J. Schrader Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

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