Steve Frank Editorial: Y2K/Solar Eclipse Hysteria Equals=Anarchy in 2017



By Stephen Frank,  California Political News and Views

People and government get hysteria over little things, issues that do not matter or that they are ignorant about.  The world did not end on January 1, 2000—and the world is still working even after the recent solar eclipse.  We go crazy over junk science, spending hundreds of billions to fi x a natural occurrence.  Remember when eating eggs was bad, now it is good.  Butter was bad, now it is OK, We are promoting solar panels—to save the earth.  But those panels are made in part from cobalt—60% of which comes from the Republic of the Congo—which allows child and slave labor.  So, is Obama a racist for promoting a product made with slave and child labor?  Did he know or care?

Yet the media has been silent about the chaos and anarchy in our society.  Try holding a Free Speech rally in San Fran—and the Mayor and San Fran Nan will oppose it.  Yet they get to say anything they want.  Al Sharpton wants to abandon the Jefferson Memorial on Federal land in Washington, since Thomas was a slave owner.  Does that mean we need to abandon the Declaration of Independence he wrote or the Constitution that he helped develop?

We are told at UC Davis and UCLA—among many campuses in the United States that using tax dollars to provide segregated dorms is a good thing.  Didn’t Eisenhower use troops to desegregate Ole Miss?  Now bigotry is OK—if approved by the segregationists.  In Sacramento there is a bill to jail or fine you if you call Jenner Bruce, not Caitlin.  So you can call Jenner a Nazi, just do not call Jenner, Bruce?

The Student Body President of Cal Berkeley has announced that the U.S. Constitution is not operative on his campus—guess he supports the terrorism, burning of buildings and loss of free speech on his campus.  He is allowed to say what he wants—but if you want to hear about freedom from the mouth of Milo, Coulter or Ben Shapiro, you are a fascist and should not be allowed on campus or to be heard.

The American public prefers to worry about non issues—like Y2K or the effects of a solar eclipse, then defend their right to be heard on political issued.  How bad is this bullying and hatred?  This will surprise some people, but I like to watch all sorts of TV.  Even bad TV.  MTV has a show called “Undressed”.  Two people come to the studio, with a bed in it, undress one another, down to their under clothes, lay in bed and take 30 minutes to decide if they want to date each other (they had never met before).

In a recent show, two gay men were put together—and one decided he could not date the other for the crime of, drum roll please, for the crime of voting for and supporting Donald Trump.  It appears gays are not allowed to support the President.  Then you have TV soap opera actor Antonio Sabato.  He is being discriminated against by Hollywood—so he has decided to run for Congress from Ventura County.  Variety in a big headline noted he was being BLACKLISTED for supporting Trump.

Look at the Google engineer that got fired for giving his views on the companies’ diversity program—after the company asked for the opinions.  Free speech?  Not in 2017.  There seems to be hysteria among the media, government and academia if you have a different view from the totalitarian bullies wanting to end free speech, which means ending freedom.  The Progressive/Totalitarian Left is hysterical about free speech—what if people learn about freedom, choice, like hamburger instead of being a vegan?

We are in dangerous times in the community and on campus.  Violence, bullying, loss of free speech—being forced to use government approved language—that is 2017.  We have a Stanford professor raising money for the violent Antifa—notice at the riots you can always pick out many of the Antifa criminals?  They wear black shirts and wear masks—like an ISIS terrorist.  Obviously they want to terrorize and not proud enough to let the police of the person they are beating to see their face.

Hysteria—Y2K, Solar Eclipse or ending of free speech using violence and bullying—are all part of the same stem—ignorance, lack of common sense and a willingness not to question the media, government or academia.  Years ago, the Students for a Democratic Society had a bumper sticker—“Question Authority”.  This is the same group that created a riot in Chicago in 1968 to break up the Democrat National Convention.  The SDS was the Antifa of its day.  When going into a riot they created Tom Hayden had a slogan, “Bumps up front”.  His chauvinistic view of women was to call them “bumps”—he wanted the police to beat them up while the men in the back threw rocks.

To me the Authority to be questioned is government, media and academia.  How about you?  Are you hysterical or willing to speak up for your values?


Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank: Is the the publisher and editor of the California Political News and Views.  Mr. Frank speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a full time political consultant.

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