Steve Knight–Congressional Candidate for the 25th District

see times; font-size: 12pt;”>FOCUS ON ISSUES: VETERANS

decease times; font-size: 12pt;”>One issue that’s close to my heart is making sure our veterans are taken care of in every respect – housing, cialis tuition, mental health programs, and healthcare.
As we’re painfully aware, the Veterans Administration health care system desperately needs reforms. One quick, simple way to improve healthcare quality for veterans is to provide them the option to receive general or emergency healthcare in their own communities without having to travel to a VA.
If you’re close to a VA, it’s great that you can go in. But what if I’m 60 miles away from the VA? Do you want me to build a brick and mortar there right next to a hospital that’s already sitting there, or do you want me, when I’m having chest pains and I’m a veteran, to walk into that hospital and say, “I’m having chest pains,” and them to take care of me right there?
I talk about this and the power our Representatives have to help the veterans in their district in this short video. Please share it with your friends through email and social media.

Steve Knight not only understands the needs of veterans. He acts on it, He has personally helped veterans receive the care they need and deserve. Steve is a U.S. Army veteran.

Visit Steve Knight for Congress:

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