Steve Knight Dog and Pony Show For Disgruntled Democrats AKA The Town Hall



By Greg Aprahamian

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump, Republican Congressmen are currently being heavily targeted by Democrat party activists.  It’s been widely reported that large groups of activists have been storming the offices of Republican Congressmen and CA25 Rep. Steve Knight has been no exception.  Democrat activists have even attempted to protest in front of his personal residence.

Since the election of Donald Trump, Democrats have found themselves in minority status in the House, Senate and locked out of the White House.  In reaction to their new marginalized status, A new interest and need for activism seems to have emerged in response to their loss of power.  On Saturday March 4, 2017  Suspecting a generous amount of Democrat political theater I attended the public town hall that Rep. Knight held in Palmdale CA.

In a certain respect the Town Hall did not disappoint. 275 people were to be allowed into the Town Hall, and hundreds more protested outside.

I arrived at the location and took a spot in the queue at around 6:15AM.  By the time we got in hundreds more were in line behind me.  I took an informal study of the people in line.  I would say a slight majority were women, many with pink baseball caps and pink “pussy hats”. In case you didn’t know, “Pussy” hats are the latest rage in feminist apparel.

Local Democrat party organizations passed out donuts, coffee, cookies, and muffins to the attendees in line, while other Democrat activists passed out literature, and speaking points about Obama Care to those in line also.  Other activists with bull horns initiated slogans and chants and the attendees sometimes joined in.

I’ve been to many protests involving illegal immigration, in comparison this gathering was quite different.  The pro illegal protests I’ve been to are almost all pure astroturf political theater.  The majority of pro illegal protesters are usually all bused in as a group on first class coaches from Los Angeles, with paid union members, who usually have no Idea why they are there.  There usually are Neo Aztec feather dancers and drummers, as well as Mecha members.  Then they disappear as a group when it’s time for the bus to leave.

This was different.  The majority of the attendees were White women, presumably all constituents, who drove themselves to the town hall with Democrat organizations and activists playing a supportive role. I saw no buses bringing in attendees.

There were some pro Trump attendees who wore red MAGA hats, and some Steve Knight supporters, who were given signs.  The majority were Democrats and Democrat activists that were willing to get up and be in line in Palmdale at 6:00 – 6:30 Am on a Saturday morning.  A slight majority of the group seem to want to project themselves as feminists.

The Townhall was a bit rowdy, and was a free flowing question session from audience members who were randomly chosen.  The questions were wide ranging, mostly about Obama Care, but covered, the EPA, Planned Parenthood, school vouchers, military spending, Impeaching Trump, Transgender issues and around four immigration questions.

I’ve attached two of the immigration questions below.

On the first video watch how Knight expresses his support for an expansion of a visa program for agricultural workers, his support for the bridge act (Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream of Growing our Economy), and say’s “I disagree with the deportations”.


On the Second attached video watch how Knight tries to placate an attendee’s complaints on investigating illegal alien crime, when Knight brings up President Trump’s new DHS office “VOICE”  (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement).

It’s interesting how Rep. Knight reminds the attendee that “VOICE” needs to be funded by Congress, and the President doesn’t write the laws,  yet conveniently couldn’t remember those same facts when Republicans attempted to de-fund President Obama’s executive amnesty.

I’m not sure what objective the Town Hall was supposed to achieve.  It did gave the attendees a chance to vent.  I think it’s safe to say that hell would freeze before these people would ever vote Republican.  Rep. Knight did his best to represent himself as sympathetic to their views as he could.  He told the audience  ” I have a 58% conservative rating”, and I don’t think he was exaggerating.

Greg Aprahamian is a Santa Clarita resident who is concerned about illegal immigration


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