Sticks and Stones — ISIS is no nursery rhyme

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By Leo G. Alvarez

Mr. Obama continues to minimize ISIS/L’s ability to wage warfare, and in a sense he is correct. Placed in perspective, the attacks generated by them worldwide are just that, attacks, and not warfare. There is no arguing, however, that they are deadly and devastating, and do cause fear.

Mr. Obama has chosen too many times over the years to minimize and ignore the impact of such attacks. In actuality the types of attacks the world has endured have either been of the “home grown, “sleeper cell” variety or those not attributable to ISIS.

ISIS has made it clear that they hold no regard towards human life. Either you agree with their philosophy or you are their enemy. Their victims are of every nationality age, or sex, Muslims included. As a non-country they cannot declare war, nor can war be declared against ISIS.

To date no one has stepped forward as the leader or commander in chief or Caliph of ISIS. Their actions and deeds do seem to be centralized currently in Syria where they do control some ground and an oil industry and where they are in a war against the Assad government.

According to Ronald Reagan wars are simple – We win. They lose.

That being case, the battlefield should be Syria and that is where we should be fighting a war. Russia agrees and they are there with their aircraft while we are there with our drones. In a two day period in November, Russia hit 442 terrorist targets in Syria, including an oil depot, an oil production plant and 80 tanker trucks while the US did 23 air strikes. Mr. Obama continued his war of words against Russia.

On or about November 21st, Mr. Obama said, “…We do not succumb to fear. The most powerful tool we have to fight ISIL is to say that we’re not afraid…” (Josh Lederman, Associated Press).
How true, how true. When his administration supplied weapons to the rebels in Syria against Assad did he even consider who would fill the toehold gained over Assad? Did he consider that the rebels would become ISIS/L and those weapons would be turned on the world?

With our trillion dollar deficits we cannot afford a strong military, indeed, just to fight in the Middle East we have had to rely on our States’ National Guards. How true Mr. Obama’s words now ring, “The most powerful tool we have to fight ISIL is to SAY (my emphasis) that we’re not afraid …”

Some cartoonist is free to use this: I see a cartoon wherein a masked ISIS fighter is thumbing his nose at Obama, saying, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
How true, how true. Break out the sticks and stones.

Leo Alvarez is President and co-founder of the National Association Against Child Cruelty, President of the Children’s Wall of Tears™ and retired from law enforcement after 33 years

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Citizen Reporter

This IS a war. The collective weight of attacks around the world is getting larger. Unless stopped, these pinpricks will become bleeding wounds. The number of attacks in Iraq and Syria is now huge. You can bet that Mr. Assad and Putin are smart enough to know it’s a war. You can bet that Mr Hollande considers it a war. You can bet that ISIS(L) considers it a war and that the “L” is major desired prize.

Re: “As a non-country they cannot declare war, nor can war be declared against ISIS.”

Ummm, NO. They have and hold territory. They have an army, they have full governance, a budget, resources, revenue from oil and more, collect taxes, defend borders (which is more than the USA does anymore. They probably don’t run deficits either.

They HAVE declared war and war needs to be declared on them.They use cells in foreign countries, which could ultimately expand to militias and even armies, if allowed to do so by a sleeping enemy who denies that they are what they are.

William "Bill" Hicks

Whistling in the dark, are we here? It’s a fool that isn’t afraid under these circumstances. To be frozen in fear is another thing.

Be a Boy Scout and just be prepared. That’s the best thing a person can do when faced with rationally based fear.