Still more Planned Parenthood Horrors- New Video of baby parts vendor meeting

Stem Express LLC CEO Cate Dyer is seen making comments which you have to hear to believe

By George Miller

The Center for Medical Progress set up a phony company to expose Planned Parenthood and partners’ abortion-related practices which they center.medical.progressbelieve are abhorrent and/or illegal. In a series of stunning developments, they have been releasing, gradually and painfully, for Planned Parenthood and companies that deal with them, undercover videos of meetings they staged in what Planned Parenthood euphemistically calls “fetal tissue harvesting” transfers. However, CMP describes the transactions as sales of baby parts, organs and even intact fetuses (unequivocally denied by Stem Express)- aborted babies.

CMP’s intention seems to be to horrify the public into pressuring officials and private organizations to cut off contacts with and defund Planned Parenthood, which receives about a half billion dollars annually, from the federal government. If crimes are identified, the videos could potentially be used as evidence and it could lead to prosecution for illegal practices. Several states have already defunded Planned Parenthood. More are investigating. Congress is now discussing it and opposing sides are lining up. Obama administration has reportedly warned states that they cannot defund Planned Parenthood. So far, they’re doing it anyway. The possibility exists for more StemExpressgovernment shutdown brinksmanship on this issue. Republicans have invariably lost such battles in the past.

The latest video, in a continuing series, released 8-25-15, appears to further discredit Stem Express LLC, an abortion products provider, among other things.

If the new video is authentic and CMP’s interpretation is correct, it could be damning. A Planned Parenthood and other sources’ abortion products buyer, Stem Express LLC CEO Cate Dyer, is seen making comments which you have to hear to believe. Stem Express has its own interpretation of what was said, which is linked below under “From Stem Express….”

Video released 8-25-15:

We encourage you to view the whole series and responses of those accused, to become better informed, in order to make up your own mind without media and special interest filters. sit: The Center for Medical Progress

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The CEO of a company that harvests fetal tissue appears to acknowledge shipping “intact specimens,” a concession that could mean some aborted fetuses are being legally “born alive.” But Stem Expres says it just refers to Organs, At one point, the CEO (Dyer) laughed about shipping out whole baby heads to her lab buyers in the mail. “They’ll open the box, go, ‘Oh God!’ So yeah, so many of the academic labs cannot fly like that. They are not capable.” She said lab technicians “freak out, and have meltdowns” when receiving intact whole heads.


From Stem Express:

About Us

StemExpress fuels regenerative medicine and translational research by supplying human-derived specimens to biomedical researchers around the world. Founded in 2010, StemExpress is the only company of its kind to procure tissues and isolate … read more

StemExpress Responds to Critics

Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease — StemExpress is proud of the work we do to accelerate the prevention and cure of these and other deadly and life-altering diseases. StemExpress coordinates with clinics and hospitals to obtain human tissue… [Read more…]


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