Stop Fracking in California





By Naomi Fisher

Awhile back it was announced on TV News that a bill is being introduced to stop fracking in California. The announcer said: “It is a fact that fracking causes earthquakes. It is a fact that fracking uses enough water to supply a city for a year.” (The size of said city was not specified.)

If fracking causes earthquakes why is it even allowed in California?

And a bill was being introduced? It will take months for that bill to be enacted. More probably it will be lobbied against and discarded.

I’ve been watching, but nothing more was ever said about the bill or where fracking is occurring.

Regardless, we cannot afford to wait and suffer more earthquakes. We cannot afford the loss of water that could be used elsewhere while our State suffers this drought. Our farmers up North are not growing the food we need because their soil has dried up. Cities throughout our State are suffering water shortage. But corporations are making money on fracking.

Fellow citizens please write and phone, email and yell to our Governor, to our State Legislature, demanding they outlaw fracking in California right now.

Naomi Fisher is a writer currently residing in Ventura


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