‘Stop The Shot’: Watch Townhall Exposing Dangers Of COVID Vaccines

Dr. Peter McCullough among prominent experts countering media narrative

President Joe Biden attends a meeting with Bob Bauer and staff Saturday, April 10, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Information the media are withholding or distorting about the COVID-19 vaccine, masks and other controversial topics is the subject of an online townhall conference that took place Wednesday and can be viewed via Rumble.

Hosted by LifeSiteNews, it featured prominent scientists, religious leaders, attorneys and physicians, including Drs. Peter McCullough and Michael Yeadon.

Others included Attorney Thomas Renz, Sister Deidre Byrne, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet and Dr. Jose Trasancos.

The conference, hosted along with The Truth for Health Foundation, is titled “Stop the Shot … The Rest of the Story.”

New Breaking information was presented by the lead attorney in the lawsuit against the Biden administration’s Health and Human Services Department regarding its Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, known as VAERS, for allegedly underreporting deaths and injuries.

The townhall included an update on a Centers for Disease Control whistleblower affidavit that indicates more than 45,000 deaths have resulted from COVID-19 vaccines.

Viewers also heard about previously undisclosed data from both clinical trials and subsequent additional studies on the COVID vaccines related to serious long-term impacts on fertility in both men and women.

And there were updates on international medical studies regarding vaccine immunity that contrasts what has been reported by media.

Watch the conference here. Please select the full screen option: 

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I hope no one is surprised that the liberal government is lying to us about the vaxx then pushing it on us!

Heidi Schubert

Finally! Thank you for saying what we all know. Can you say population control


Since the Vaccine is NOT PROVEN to work or Be Safe, Why Should anyone get the Vaccine?
I’m NOT Playing Devil’s Advocate…

Mike Smith

I’ll say it again: if the vaccine-caused deaths become too numerous for the Democrat-Media Complex to ignore, Joe Biden will blame Donald Trump for every one of these deaths in 2024.

If there’s a different Republican challenger (say, Ron DeSantis), Biden will still blame Trump — and use Trump’s name like a political millstone around the challenger’s neck.

Operation Warp Speed was a very, very bad idea.


Why isn’t the rumble video link available above unacceptable

Jerry Henderson

It should be a personal choice about the covid shot…….


Thank you for airing this video.I encourage everyone to share it with everyone they know.I learned many things I was not aware of with this mrna vaccine.Scary!Not just that, but basic civil and human rights,which should be obvious.Everyone should make their own decisions in life and you can…it’s called a brain.
If people are denied the truth,mandated and denied basic things for life like water,food,utilities…… then crime is going to get WAY WORSE!!!!!!!!!MARK MY WORDS ON THAT!!!! Natural cures all the way!

Fil Patrick Peterson

Wow its about time someone starts saying real numbers , 45 thousand dead and non vaccinated people are the problem , and when the lies come out that its vaccinated that are in the hospitals not unvaccinated .


Going too get ugly in 1 year