Stupid or Evil?


By L. Neil Smith

Once again, we find ourselves confronted with the age-old question of  American politics. The precise form it takes this time is: are the closeted Marxists currently squawking and flapping over what they’ve been told was president Trump’s remark about third world “shitholes” so pathetically stupid, that, in their reflexive collectivism,  they confuse the description of a backward, unfree, ignorance and disease-ridden nation-state with those poor individuals who are struggling desperately to escape it? Or are they just so evil that they will automatically attack anything that Trump says — or is reputed to have said by a well-known liar — because they hate, loathe, and despise him so much? Either way, it constitutes a horrible confession.

Trump denies that he said “shithole”, although it would be just fine with me if he had. His principal accuser is one Dick Durbin, hardly a paragon of any kind, and one whose background should be thoroughly researched for off-color and insulting, even racist remarks. Guarantee: they’ll be there; liberals are like that. Even more ludicrous is the soon-to-be-former Senator Jeff Flake, the other_embarrassment of Arizona. who wasn’t even present when Trump is said to have uttered the deadly phrase, but wants to jump on the bandwagon anyway by attesting that somebody told him afterward that he did.

Probably Dick Durbin.

Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue were there, and say they heard no such thing. Who are you going to believe? Accepting the story at face value for the sake of argument, Tucker Carlson says Trump was just saying what most Americans think. He’s probably right. Americans have labored arduously for centuries to make their country something other than a shithole.

Except maybe for Arkansas.

As for the question, stupid or evil, the only specimen I have to judge by is FOX News’ resident communoid, Juan Williams, who professes to be shocked — shocked, I say — at what he believes was the Donald’s nasty language. Understand with me that Williams is just like the villain in professional wrestling, hired to be the badguy no matter what he really believes. From a leftist viewpoint, he’s a philosophical rodeo clown who can’t think his way out of a wet paper bag. As such, he makes a complete ass of himself about six times a day. I often wonder what he tells his grandkids he does for a living. I contend that to take a humiliating job like that, you have to be profoundly stupid, so Juan is off the evil hook.

As to the rest of the miserable media menagerie, I have a serious question. Can Donald Trump say or do anything that you won’t try to twist into an excuse to attack him?

Never mind, The question was rhetorical.

L. Neil Smith

Celebrated and award-winning author of over 30 books and countless shorter pieces, L. Neil Smith is available, at professional rates, to write articles and speeches for you or your organization, providing that our principles are compatible. Contact him at [email protected].

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AVRC Stalker
AVRC Stalker
3 years ago

I found it comical that at the end of this article was a photo of goats, picking through garbage strewn across a beach scene. Says a lot about the author… didn’t Drumpf accuse Mexicans of being rapists and derogatorily depict Muslims as terrorists and summarily dismissed a Federal Judge as being unable to render a just opinion because he was Mexican. And yet the author fails to even consider that Drumpf used the “S” word or words to refer to African and other countries. Unbelievable.

C Muller
C Muller
3 years ago
Reply to  AVRC Stalker

Duuude, you are clueless. The federal judge is a racist and LaRaza bigwig. Yes, some illegals ARE criminals.rapists.

Several immigrant acquaintances, including a naturalized American Citizen from Mexico tonight and a South African gal this morning told me that they came here because their homelands are “s***hole countries. I’ll take the word of those who came here. If these weren’t s**hole countries, it’s less likely that they would have left. So, tough luck to snowflakes like you.