Summer and our Furry Friends

Keeping Our Animals Cool!

Those of us who live in Southern California know that high day-to-day temperatures and heat waves are characteristic of the summer months. With temperatures in the 80s and 90s, we just want to remind our readers of some helpful tips to keep your animals nice and cool. Pass along the word to your friends and let’s keep our SoCal animals safe during times of heat! 

  1. As Zeus illustrates, “misting treatments” can be both fun and effective! Even a short spray of a few seconds can work wonders and won’t break the bank, while also giving your pup a mini at-home doggy spa experience!
  2. Air Conditioning in your house is always helpful to keep your animals from overheating and it does not need to be on for very long to be effective.
  3. Avoid bringing your dogs with you as you run errands. Asphalt can be up to twice as hot when in direct contact with your pooch’s paws and can be very harmful. Leaving them in the car can also be very dangerous during a heat wave, even if left inside for a few minutes. If it’s absolutely necessary to have your dog with you in the car, please be sure to crank up the AC for some nice, cool air.

Four Summer Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog

With the Fourth of July behind us and the season for summer parties is in full swing, we here at Paw Works want to remind our readers about some foods that can cause doggie health issues. While the regulars in your household might be well aware of what is acceptable to feed your dog (and have practice saying “no” to those cute doggie eyes) friends and family might be rusty on which human foods cause canine tummy aches and illness. Here’s a list of what to keep away from your furry family:

  1. Chocolate. While this one might be obvious, it’s always a good refresher to keep that Halloween candy or Advent calendar on higher shelf so that your dog can’t reach those treats. Chocolate, which is made of cacao seeds, actually contains methylxanthines which can cause severe stomach problems for dogs, including vomiting and diarrhea if ingested. Methylxanthines can also be found in coffee.
  2. Grapes or Raisins. Oatmeal Raisin cookies are always a good idea as treats for your guests in our book, but they can actually be very dangerous for dogs if they get a hold of one. Grapes or raisins can be a cause of canine kidney failure, so be sure to keep them out of reach.
  3. Raw Meat and Eggs. E. Coli and Salmonella pose as much of a threat to your furry friend as they do to you. These harmful bacteria can often be found in raw or undercooked meats, as well as in raw eggs, which means that raw cookie dough, however delicious, can be quite risky. So, please avoid giving your doggy the bones of meats, however “natural” it may seem.
  4. Garlic and Onions. Big family BBQs are staples of the summer months, which means lots and lots of seasonings is a must. However, seemingly harmless ingredients like garlic, chives, and onions can lead to severe stomach problems for both cats and dogs.

While this list summarizes the most important foods to avoid, it’s never a good idea to feed your dog human food. If you want to give your dog a tasty and healthy treat (which is always a great idea!) we offer plenty of dog-friendly treats at both of our Paw Works stores located in the Pacific View Mall in Ventura and the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks.

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