Super Alinskyite Tuesday: Left-Wing War Face, Racist ‘Yes-Men’ and Courageous Innocents Ambushed in D.C.



By Mike Smith

Remember when leftist community organizers were worthy opponents who didn’t need Big Media to make them score politically? Thanks to Big Media and the Organized Left, the doctrinaire brainchild behind the mistreatment of the Covington Catholic High School students goes un-credited. And no, it’s not ‘Pocahantas’.

Saul Alinsky is not physically among us. But his influence is – it informs the tactics and strategies of multiple leftist non-government and governmental organizations. On Tuesday and shortly thereafter, a strong reminder was mass-broadcasted before God and country.

As usual, too few Americans noticed. Yet this naïvete and its unintended consequences can still be undone. Victims of the Left are as ‘victim’ as they decide to be.

Judeo-Christian civilization demands we ask, “Who started it?” before assigning blame in any issue. This has been most moral for centuries. Needless Big Media victims like Rich Lowry and Bill Kristol (who claim to be on the Right side of ultimate issues) don’t care — only proving the point. ‘Who started it’ is everything.

If you disagree, there’s no point reading on. Otherwise, this Bud’s for you:

In a country like the United States, the people with the most influence have the most control in society. Saul Alinsky (wrongly) understood this as harnessing ‘power’. And so do his students Nathan Phillips and the ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’ (BHI) members who ‘charged’ with Phillips into cultural ‘battle’, creating Tuesday’s Washington, DC (Lincoln Memorial area) political skirmish.

As reality recorded it, the aggrieved here were peacefully standing around, minding their own business. The provocation came from the Left, was sustained by the Left, and fizzled out by the Left’s own doing. This is what clear-thinking human beings call an ‘ambush.’

The calculated skirmish went down within eyeshot of the Lincoln Memorial. And Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals was on display. Though Alinsky wasn’t there, his modern-day disciples were — to a (shallow) point:

  1. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” 

Phillips/BHI/Big Media failed here according to Rules. You cannot effectively define or curb ‘cultural appropriation’ if you can get caught ‘culturally appropriating.’ And nothing says ‘cultural appropriation’ like an embellishing veteran banging a drum to intimidate a minor child in view of the Lincoln Memorial!

Nathan Phillips and his equally reckless BHI comrades are ‘cultural appropriators’ — as is Big Media, despite its layer-cake attempts to bury the fact under Fake News. Location, location, location applies. (Of course, these are blind ideologues being exposed here).

  1. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Again! Apparently, one tactical snafu wasn’t enough for Phillips/BHI/Big Media on Tuesday.  Is it clear by now these fools were there to be led, not lead?

Phillips —of the “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” Baby Boomer cohort— harassed, intimidated and race-baited a minor child. Yet in being over age thirty, Phillips had to save Left-Wing war face somehow. The guy could not withstand being made to live up to his own rules — so he emoted in a most primal way, expecting his target to break and give Big Media the story it wishes it had.

Mr. Phillips should be asked if playing radical over age thirty is worth the effort. What goes around comes around.

  1. “Whenever possible go outside the experience of the enemy.”

To the extent Phillips/BHI/Big Media succeeded here, it is only because Big Media was allowed to lie big-league on their ‘clients’ behalf. But as Tuesday’s activist action timeline records, Phillips failed in Alinsky’s book.

Phillips bet on sixteen year-old Nick Sandmann taking his race-centric bait, but Sandmann drove a decent bargain — literally. Tactically, Sandmann should have pulled out a cell phone camera or camcorder and started recording Phillips’/BHI’s mistreatment. Per the late Andrew Breitbart, personal recording is required for conservatives to ‘be the media’ and undo Big Media’s Big Lie social engineering.

But standing bemused —and looking the part— was Sandmann’s next-best decent option, which he chose. Thank God an in-context, longer-than-mainstream-reported video exists!

Notably, Big Media would have libeled Sandmann as ‘racist’ anyway, given his skin color, place of residence, religious convictions and (of course) his wearing a red MAGA hat. Had Sandmann run away, at minimum Big Media would have lied more communities into believing he’s the coward of the skirmish. Had Sandmann engaged Phillips/BHI further, no advantage could have been had by the Organized Right (who, very clearly, had no desire to engage the Left on Tuesday).

The latter here was the unnecessary decision. The students closest to Sandmann idly observed his mistreatment, instead of standing with him to ethically disrupt Phillips’ predatory PSYOPS. Thankfully, Sandmann was and is healthy enough to endure what he was put through. But egregiously, not only did no chaperones intervene during the mistreatment, the Covington Bishop added to the young student’s preventable troubles!

  1. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”

Despite his service record embellishments, Nathan Phillips did serve in the military and was trained to value adaptation. But Phillips is foremost a leftist, as are the BHI ideologues who harassed minor children alongside him on Tuesday.

Their unquestioned loyalty to leftism got the better of them during the activist action — Phillips’ drumming became a drag, it became a drag quickly, and it’s clear Phillips was the last one there to notice.

  1. “Never go outside the experience of your people.”

Here’s where Phillips really excelled. Of course, it is only because there was practically no experience to go outside of! BHI had to get into the ‘cultural appropriation’ trap as badly as Phillips did — Phillips ‘marched’ them into it! Thus, BHI has earned the same ‘cultural appropriator’ mark as Phillips, especially since it was President Lincoln who ended the chattel enslavement of blacks in America!

‘Something from nothing gets nothing’ — Rules can only call foul on Phillips/BHI/Big Media here.  Says Alinsky, p. 127, Rules: “When an action or tactic is outside the experience of the people, the result is confusion, fear, and retreat. It also means a collapse of communication, as we have noted.”

Patriot Nick Sandmann did not retreat, nor did his fellow young organized patriots — disinterested in standing up for Sandmann as they were.  Phillips and his BHI comrades were low-caliber, Left-Wing ideologues to begin with.

Organizing people without the right experience is functionally the same as going outside the experience of your people.

Where the Right Must Improve

The Covington Catholic High School students were not the enemies of liberty in Tuesday’s skirmish. The students of Saul Alinsky were — albeit amateurish. And Phillips’ much, much older age than that of his primary victim speaks volumes.

Folks, this is not the first time a Left-Wing organizer has betrayed Big Media’s deception that all Left-Wing organizers are young people (see video at 1:30).

But conservatives —especially those over sixty— need to recognize this, understand why it’s important and respond rightly. Non-leftist Baby Boomers relying on young people to shame leftist Baby Boomers drains younger Americans needlessly.

And this is what the drainage look like. Watch the video — listen closely. Does Nick Sandmann’s voice intonate a confidence that his ‘conservative’ elders will support him?

If there is a national face for the many abandoned young conservative patriots left to defend against the Organized Left on their own, it is Nick Sandmann.

The Left side began Tuesday’s skirmish near the Lincoln Memorial — how many times has Big Media cut this inconvenient fact from the real picture before? The truth is, without Big Media, Nathan Phillips (and each of his BHI comrades) would be nothing more than just another guy with an opinion.

That is all these bitter low-lifes deserve to be.


Mike Smith is a longtime Ventura County resident who identifies as a Red State male in a Blue State body politic.

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