Supervisor Kelly Long completes first year in office

CAMARILLO, Calif. – On January 4, 2018, County of Ventura Third District Supervisor Kelly Long completed her first year in office.  It has been a busy year for the former entrepreneur, business executive, and school board trustee who ran for office so she could apply her leadership, management, engineering, education and business background to the betterment of her community. 

Supervisor Long set her priorities early as she pledged to ensure that our county government is fiscally responsible and transparent, focused on building our economy, and committed to public safety.  These priorities guided her as the Board of Supervisors debated and voted on a wide array of challenging issues.  She also worked hard to ensure that Board discussions, even where there was deep disagreement, were conducted in a civil and respectful manner.  “Any elected official,” she said, “should be a role model in how public discourse is conducted.”

The Supervisor also placed a high premium on listening to the constituents of District 3, encouraging comments on all sides of the issues, and considering the “voice of the public” in forming her positions.  To that end she held several town hall meetings across her district, including the most remote corners, like Lockwood Valley, to ensure residents had access to her and her staff. 

Her commitment to listen was demonstrated when a proposal came before the Board to provide funds to the Ventura County Museum, which was at risk of closure due to past mismanagement.  Her initial inclination was to oppose the provision of those funds, but after receiving many communications from the public, most strongly urging support to save the museum, she voted to provide those funds subject to specific conditions that the museum return with their plan to restore fiscal discipline to operations.   

Supervisor Long also wants to hear directly from the public.  “I’ve encouraged my constituents to contact me with their issues or complaints so I could help,” said Long. “We were able to handle most of them because they received the attention and follow-up they needed for resolution. I want every constituent to feel like their government is working for them, and not the other way around.”

For Supervisor Long, often the best way to learn about what’s happening in the community is through site visits, and she conducted many.  Examples include the Toland Landfill, Naval Base Ventura County, Ventura Ranch KOA, Piru Neighbourhood Council, and various businesses, farms and agricultural operations.

Kelly Long at the Rabalais Coffee

Supervisor Long is also influencing policy through service on numerous boards and commissions, including Ventura County Transportation Commission, Economic Development Collaborative of Ventura County, and Children & Families First Commission of Ventura County (First 5).  She serves as Chair of the Fillmore-Piru Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency and was recently elected to the executive committee of the California State Association of Counties, which represents the interests of all 58 counties to the California legislature. 

The Thomas Fire consumed much of the Supervisor’s time and energy during the final weeks of 2017.  With the fire impacting many of her constituents, Supervisor Long toured many of the affected areas, attended several briefings every day to stay abreast of the situation, kept the public informed daily on her social media channels, and ensured that her staff was focused on assisting residents who needed help.

The Supervisor balances her full schedule with an active home life with her husband, two children, and extended family.  They enjoy the outdoors and often volunteer in the community.  Balancing her roles as professional woman, spouse and mother gives her first-hand experience in the challenges faced by today’s busy families.  

Supervisor Long is looking forward to her second year in office with renewed energy and a sense of excitement about the future.  She will conduct several town hall meetings in January where the public can come meet her, hear about her plans going forward, ask questions or just let her know how they feel about their community and what they would like from their Supervisor.

Supervisor Long would like to extend her best wishes to everyone for a joyous and prosperous New Year.

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Barry Gabrielson
Barry Gabrielson
3 years ago

The major issue I have with Supervisor Long is she went back on her word before becoming Supervisor, to represent the citizens in the unincorporated area against an illegal Ordinance 4355, signed by 5 Board Supervisors. She told me that she would meet with me once she became Supervisor, and help our community. She refused to sit with me, decided to represent the governments interest over its citizens, allowing an Illegal Ordinance to stand, to subvert State Law, abusing our citizens. Her boss are the people, not the Ventura County Government. She has failed the Unincorporated community, allowing Ventura County Government to charge us twice for government owned property. Since the 1960’s, government collects taxes to repair streets, parkways, and sidewalks, their own government property, by Ordinance. They failed to maintain their own property, that went out of repair for 30 plus years. When their property went out of repair, we asked them to repair them. They refused to maintain their own parkway tree roots, destroying their own public sidewalks. Solution of Parks, Bennett, Long, Mikels, other was to transfer their own neglect to adjacent property owners. Kelly Long agrees, takes cover for Public Works and Dept of Trans neglect and non performance, allowing them to illegally charge us twice and hold us accountable for government property repair. If we don’t pay, we get a lien on property, illegally. 100 have liens on property. She ran away from hre responsibility, promised to meet with me, then failed to act.