SUSTAIN VC Advocates Submit Signatures to Qualify for November Ballot

story arial, viagra buy sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>sustain.1The SUSTAIN VC campaign submitted 30,300 signatures to the Ventura County Registrar of Voters today to qualify the initiative for the November ballot.

The turn in of petitions bearing the signatures of tens of thousands of Ventura County voters reflects a strong desire of Ventura County voters to have an alternative to SOAR that maintains the public vote for major land use decisions regarding open space in the County, but also prioritizes the continued viability of farming as a majority contributor to Ventura County’s economy and job creation.

The proponents of the measure, Phil McGrath, Patty Waters, and John Lamb, represent three longtime agriculture families from Ventura who have collectively farmed the County for over 400 years.

SUSTAIN VC, if enacted by the voters of Ventura County this November, would extend for another 20 years the right of voters to have the final say on whether any open space, as defined in law, can be subject to development. Moreover, recognizing the vital importance of a strong agricultural sector to Ventura County’s economy, SUSTAIN VC also:

  • Promotes water infrastructure projects, giving farms a sustainable source of water
  • Creates job and reduces truck traffic by allowing local farm products to be processed locally
  • Will be up for review in 2036, establishing a 20-year timeframe, allowing voters to decide whether the initiative is working
  • Requires an economic impact analysis of the land use policies on Ventura County by 2026

Ventura County elections officials will have 30 business days to verify the signatures turned in and certify the measure for the November ballot.



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William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
4 years ago

Considering the comparison between SOAR and SUSTAN VC, it is a decided benefit to vote for SUTAIN VC. BUT, do we need either one of them?

Most cities in Ventura County have some form of protection of designated Open Space. There should be no need to duplicate regulations at the County level. There is a decided disadvantage to private property owners when enforcement of designated Open Space regulations are left in the hands of the County Supervisors. They use it as a weapon to extract tribute when property owners, unfortunate enough to live in or near designated Open Space decide to either sell their property or give it to their children. If you are a strong private property rights person, neither one of these ballot selections are designed in your favor.