Symbolic Eroticism in American Politics


By Richard Eber

What is “symbolic eroticism” There is no definition in the dictionary because I made up the term long ago to describe stupid behavior that is masquerading to be socially relevant.

Where do we start?  How about the effort to fight straws being banned in major cities to prevent landfills from being burdened with unnecessary materials? As usual San Francisco is the number one culprit by giving out several thousand plastic syringes while regulating how consumers sip their drinks.

Left out of this equation by them Google, Starbucks, and just about everyone else is the use of plastic containers for water and soda use by employees. Remember the good old days when these drinks were sold in recyclable glass bottles which were sorted and sent back to distributors to be cleaned and refilled?

This procedure is completely out of date because it has been determined that reusing glass is more expensive than utilizing throw away plastic.  But does such expense need to be reevaluated in view of concern of environmentalists about clogging landfills. Also to be considered is that these water containers are manufactured utilizing petroleum byproducts.

As such isn’t it a good idea to take a back to the future look at this issue?

Actually, there are parts of the world that never abandoned the use of glass.  If one goes over to Montenegro, Serbia, and Austria, plastic bottles are on the endangered species list as few can be found. Let’s not forget Belize where my favorite Belikin Beer comes in glass bottles that are cleaned to give me a buzz another day

With recycling glass, we will likely have to wait until the cause becomes the “flavor of the week” with the PC crowd or George Clooney demands change.

Symbolic eroticism is alive and well in many levels of American politics.   The most obvious case is the organization ANTIFA which refers to itself as being pro democracy while at the same time trying to stifle conservative free speech under the umbrella of fighting fascism.   Making this situation worse are codependent Democratic leaders such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Sanders, and Kamala Harris who adroitly look the other way on ANTIFA’s activities.

In progressive world no rules of morality or decency where the ends justify the means exists if one is opposing Donald Trump.

Another good example of this is “#Me To” movement where in the case of sexual assault or workplace discrimination, women bringing charges against the male counterparts are to be believed to be true without any need for corroboration or  checking out what the accused might say.  Such logic not only goes against the whole premise of our judicial system, but also closely resembles the methodology of the old KGB in the old Soviet Union under Stalin.

According to many immigrant friends of mine who fled from Russian oppression, the secret police could arrest and punish citizens based upon complaints of misconduct from unknown accusers.  Under this system literally millions of people were punished and often sent to gulag camps because of unproven allegations that they could not be refuted in a public forum.

Tell me where the “me to” movement starts and ends with such concerns.  Are we talking about symbolic eroticism or a group of individuals who want to undermine our Constitution in the name of creating a more just society by using accusations to achieve social justice?

It is alarming to note that the #MeTo movement is being used for partisan political purposes  With the present formula, Judge Kavanaugh, is being depicted as a sexual predator for an event no one remembers other than his accuser 36 years ago.  Several democratic Senators want to use the accusation against him to not sit on the Supreme Court  using the “#Me To” logic that due process goes out the window in such cases.

The same people have been remarkably silent about direct charges of sexual misconduct levied against Bill Clinton before and after he assumed the presidency.  Apparently Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky were fortune hunter sluts while Christine Blassey Ford’s alcohol impaired memory from 36 years ago is considered to be valid.

Let’s not forget DMC Vice Chairman Keith Ellison, who was accused by an ex girlfriend less than two years ago of physical and mental abuse yet has the party’s support in becoming Attorney General of Minnesota.  Where are California’s Senators Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris on these matters?  Me to in this case has been changed to “you not me”

Unfortunately, California politics is filled with similar tactics used to muzzle opposition to their progressive agenda.  Recently we have see transparency impaired with:


  • Increases in gas tax used as a shield to cover over close to a trillion dollar worth of deficits in CalPERS and other public employee pension plans. The fact is that more money will be needed to fund these benefits which few in private enterprise enjoy so why not say one is paying for pothole repair to divert the public’s attention from what is really going on.


  • Pretending that Sanctuary City program is not costing tax payers billions of dollars in public assistance given undocumented residents in California. This situation is only going to get worse with Donald Trump pulling the plug on food stamps and welfare to these same people.  Who will make up the difference?  If so will this become known to Joe  Public?


  • The California Teachers Association (PTA) misleading advertisements that say undue influence by out of State billionaires “with their corporate Charter Schools” are trying profit and undermine public education. This is complete bull. The PTA does not want completion from anyone.  They also don’t want accountability from teachers for the pathetic performance of the state’s K1-12 education system which ranks among the lowest in the USA


  • Pretending that the State Government and regional agencies can construct affordable housing given not only the stringent regulations they must adhere to, but Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) allowing prevailing union wages to be utilized in all large construction projects. Even while ignoring the wishes of local governments, where is real cost savings to be realized on these mega projects other than gaining government subsidies.

The list goes on where governments on almost all levels use fear tactics and pretzel logic to push unpopular policies on their constituents.  This is especially true in California where the current one party system for which Democrats reign supreme, does not allow for credible conservative opposition to be given voters.  In many races such as the US Senate and several legislative ones, Republicans are absent on the November ballot.

Symbolic eroticism has become a way of life where the coalition of union workers, environmentalists, progressive politicians, and crony capitalists rule the roost in California.  It’s a land where the Koch Brothers are blamed for everything, Lois Lerner is still a hero, capitalism is heavily regulated, and straw use is utilized as a crutch to cover over massive abuses of power.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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