T.O. City Council candidate debates

By George Miller

Debates for Thousand Oaks City Council candidates for the upcoming 6/2/15 special election are attracting attention, but not everyone can attend the live events. According to CitizensJournal.us reporter Bill Hicks, a prior candidates’ forum will be aired on TOTV on May 2 at 3:30 PM and May 3 at 9:0 PM. (schedule). Next debate May 9.


“The League of Women Voters, with the help of the American Association of University Women, will host a forum in City Council chambers tentatively scheduled for 6:30 p.m. April 30. Like other political debates hosted by the league, each candidate will give an opening and closing statement and answer questions posed by the audience ….

May 9: Candidate forum at 10 a.m. at California Lutheran University.”


Campaign signs seen around Thousand Oaks (Photo: Nick Quidwai)


You can also learn more about the one before that: 4/-17-15 forum article and video

TOSpecial Election6-15The candidates:

1) Ed Jones, CRPD Parks Commissioner MORE
2) Dan Roundtree.,Thousand Oaks Planning Commissioner MORE
3) Chaise Maguirre Rasheed.
 4) Rob McCoy, Pastor/Educator/Businessman MORE

Absentee ballots will arrive shortly.


Our reporter had a family emergency and wasn’t able to take in the most recent debate, but did watch the last one.

A TV debate watcher sent us this:

1) Ed Jones came out at the bottom, AND
2) Rasheed
came very close to Jones. At times, they just tied for last.
3) Dan and Rob ran
a close race and are the only candidates worth mentioning.

What are your impressions of the debates/candidates?

Aslo see our Candidates Corner section and T.O. City Council articles.


George Miller is Publisher of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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Timothy Bond

I think the key to this decision rests in the mindsets and approach to how each candidate considers the issues before and while they answer each question. It also rests in who you think is more honest and trustworthy and of course whose values match yours closest.

Rob McCoy’s instincts are that of a REPRESENTATIVE, not some Administrator who thinks he has all the answers, like Roundtree. McCoy is not a professional politician with a long resume of government involvement. We need the kind of new fresh thinking that looks back to the founding of this country for the wisdom it was made on.

As a voter I am not looking for someone perfectly aligned with my ideals or my values. I am looking for someone who thinks from the better ideals and values. Rob McCoy is that man.