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    By Naomi Fisher 

    Tacky Elizabeth Warren attacked Bernie Sanders in the January 14th, 2020 Democratic Debate by saying he told her that a woman could not win the election.

    Bernie said, “I never said that.”

    Then the stupid moderator asked how Warren felt when he told her that! Apparently the moderator was either brain dead or in Warren’s camp!

    You have to see the expression on Bernie’s face after that question.  (Link below)

    What we have to remember is even when Bernie ran against Hillary he never said she would not be a good President because she was a woman! Bernie has always backed and believed in women. He has never denigrated women’s abilities.

    To show how nasty Warren was, she refused to shake his hand at debate’s end! Yes, that ridiculous faux pax was televised on CNN! She had to be aware the mike was live, yet Warren approached Sanders and told Bernie that he called her a liar on National TV. Bernie responded by saying that she called him a liar on National TV. (That is shown on Comic Lee Camp’s video. (Link below)

    It’s obvious that one of the reasons Elizabeth Warren was in that debate was to throw doubt on Bernie Sanders’ ability to be a good leader.

    Instead, what it did was to make Elizabeth Warren look like a fool and make us wonder what attributes Elizabeth Warren has to offer our Senate or our Congressional image!

    Also, in that same debate Warren said in an accusatory voice that all the men debating with her “collectively lost” something like ten elections. Warren’s attitude as she spoke was definitely meant to make all those men appear stupid and incapable. Perhaps she might have gotten away with that if she had said it in a joking manner? Perhaps. Professionally it should not have been said. After all, she was a Democratic Senator at a Democratic Debate. She was there to debate and discuss opinions not sarcastically ridicule other candidates.

    Researching her after that debate I found that Elizabeth Warren, who has stated so many times that she is for women’s rights once worked as an attorney for Dow Chemical. Warren’s job at that time was to make sure that women suffering with cancer from breast implants could only get limited settlements! (Link below)

    There is a funny side to her mouthings. One of her published books is titled “Pow Wow Chow Cookbook; recipes  from the Five Civilized Tribes”. (There is actually a Five Civilized Tribe Museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma.) Some sites declare that a few recipes are not originally from those Five Tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek & Seminole but are word for word copies from a French Chef and a well known cookbook. (Links below)

    Elizabeth Warren’s behavior raises a major concern whether she has the intelligence or temperament to hold any kind of political office. It also suggests that Warren would not hesitate to belittle people working with or under her no matter what position she holds.

    Taking all the above into account:

    Is Elizabeth Warren the kind of person we even want in the Senate, or, let alone, gasp, in the White House?

    Not in my opinion.

    P.S. Comic Lee Camp does a great rant on Warren vs Sanders. He also poses a legitimate theory that this whole Impeachment thingey was Nancy Pelosi’s scheme to keep Bernie Sanders tied up in the Impeachment Hearings and unable to campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire, thus clearing the way for Biden. Let’s face it. Bernie Sanders is Biden’s biggest threat. (Link below) – Be aware, Lee Camp is a comic. Some of his language might be objectionable.



    Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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