The Tax Bill | U.S. Senate Candidate Stephen J. Schrader

My position on the Federal Income Tax is that we should eliminate it entirely by repealing the XVIth Amendment and replace with a “Fair Tax”, which is a federal “Sales Tax” on all goods and services that cross a state border.
If nothing else this will, for the first time in history, make state and local businesses, the true engines that drive our economy, competitive with the giant national and international conglomerates. “And, at a time when, with the end of the federal income tax, Americans will have more money in their pockets than at any time in history”!!!
However, since we’re stuck with the XVIth Amendment, for now, this tax bill harks back to the Reagan tax overhaul, trading lower interest rates for cutting exemptions and closing loopholes, which gave the country the longest lasting “Boom Economy” in its history.
Well, we’ll get a chance to see if it can do it again.
Stephen J. Schrader, California Republican Candidate for the US Senate 2018
“Nothing is impossible; there are only the things we haven’t done yet”
“I am in this to WIN it for the people of California “

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