A Tax Cut for the Rich




By Naomi Fisher

On December 1st I was watching the Senate debates on C-SPAN, the network that broadcasts from Congress.

The Senate was discussing before voting on the new 400 page Senate Tax Reform Bill: (I went to: libraryofcongress.gov  Senate tax reform bill to get the link below)

Link:    https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1

Several Senators gave scathing reviews of that bill, including Bernie Sanders. Chuck Schumar, D., Senate Minority Leader, was so incensed he asked the vote be postponed for the weekend so the Senate members could study it. He said that the bill had been given to the member a scant three hours before convening, that pages had been X’d out and hand written in illegible handwriting — he show a page to the cameras. He blasted the Republicans for trying to rush something through that was clearly unacceptable. But, he was outvoted. The postponement never happened. The bill passed the Senate. Now it goes before Congress to compete with a bill from the House. Hopefully, items will be taken from both bills and a decent bills will result.

The Senate bill that passed will enrich the rich, not raise their taxes, therefore further burdening John and Jane Doe, U.S. Citizens with their already overburdened pay checks. Thus, putting the backbone of our Country in further jeopardy. As most of you know, most of the very wealthy do not pay any taxes.

This bill is dangerous. It smacks of incompetent authors or Republicans that have their head stuck so far up their bank accounts they cannot see reality. What do they think will happen when their landscaper cannot make the house payment or rent? Will that landscaper continue to work for them? What about the neighborhood firemen, school teachers, nurses, clerks in grocery and retail stores? Who will be the backbone of our country when all of those people are so overwhelmed they cannot afford to function any longer?

Yet, the Republican Senate rushed to write and vote this bill through despite the opposition and criticism from even members of their own party! I do not remember which speaker said, “Head Start teachers cannot afford to enroll their own children into Head Start.” Shouldn’t that tell the Republican Senators something? Apparently it didn’t. The Republican party “for the people” no longer exists.

Please, people, I beg you: Email or phone your Senators and Representatives. If you do not know who they are, call your local library. They can give you names, email addresses and phone numbers. But we MUST act in the next few days. This bill CANNOT be allowed to pass. This is vital to our well being, as well as to our whole Nation. You CAN make the difference. If enough of us complain loudly we will be heard and Congress has to pay attention!

The GOP Tax Plan Expands the Child Tax Credit — for the Wealthy http://prospect.org/article/gop-tax-plan-expands-child-tax-credit-wealthy

Five Tax Deductions that Favor the Rich http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2011/12/07/five-tax-deductions-that-favor-rich.html

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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Duke R.
Duke R.
3 years ago

Contact Julia Brownley and all the others. This is BS.