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    Tax Exempt Causes Inequality

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    By Dan Reynolds

    My Opinion…Discussion: When a city has hundreds of Millions of Dollars going unfunded because local churches and local non profits refuse to pay taxes because its a standard charter. The end outcome is the decline of funds going to local school education, payment for city services and causes the local cities and counties and states to lose the ability to pay pensions for public employees.

    But in a Neo Liberal society its just another reason to not pay taxes because by going private the neo liberals can then create their own police force and their own laws without never having to bow down to Government ever again. In a way this is what Cults did here in the United States many years ago when the Cults refused to recognize Governments and ended up executing in mass sessions their own people in the Name of God.

    So what is the difference one must ask between a Cult and Neo Liberal Non Profits who refuse to pay workers a living wage while the Executives are making Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a year? What is the difference between a cult and Neo Liberal Non Profit Executives who force their employees to work slave hours with no retirement programs? In my opinion there is no difference between a cult and a Neo Liberal Non Profit and here is why:

    1. A cult never paid taxes. They used their religious freedoms to vindicate themselves from ever paying taxes so they would not be bound or feel “enslaved” by any Law or Government.
    2. 2.  A cult usually have their own law enforcement, laws, governing body regulations that are either written or assumed, or never spoken. Sometimes hold court hearings that are one sided and the accused ends up dead. In a Neo Liberal Non Profit they just work their employees into bankruptcy or into ill health and the employee either has to leave the company they were serving as indentured servitude to find a job that actually does pay and care about the health of the employee, Or die from bad health.
    3. A cult chooses what type of education and quality of education a follower will receive based on the needs or decision of the Elders. Meaning that if an Elder feels a child of another person will out perform the Elders own child then the Elder will provide a different education requirement for that other persons child. In the Neo Liberals Non Profit way of doing things they just don’t pay property taxes knowing that their tax dollars no longer feed the funds needed to provide tax dollars to the local schools. Therefore when the Neo Liberals need their own children to have a quality education then they ship their child off to a private school somewhere where the Neo Liberal makes donations in large amounts to fund the private school while the local schools where the Non Profit facilities reside go into disrepair and sometimes close down permanently. The poor who rely on the Non Profits for employment never make enough to move so they are stuck with the over working hours of their slave masters and suffer with no proper education for their children.

    If these comparisons are not compelling enough to distinguish reality well from… reality, then I don’t know what else will. But lets be real here. There has been a lot of anger toward being taxed over the years and when we look really hard at who has been complaining the most about paying the taxes…its not been the working class. Its always been the Non Profits Executives and Multi Billionaires who have been complaining about any form of tax. Then they pay lobbyists and operatives hundreds of millions of dollars to go into the local towns to stir up the public with false information about why the public should not pay their own taxes and the public has bought these arguments over the years. What has resulted? Collapsing bridges. Unpaid Pensions. Unpaved roads and roads that never have been repaired. Failing schools and in some cases failing medical systems.

    Failing Charters schools(because of selective education by cult elders). Cities closed and became abandoned.

    Yet, in all of this the only ones who seem to be making Billions of Dollars a year are facilities of Non Profits like John Hopkins Medical.

    So the next time you see your Crystal Cathedral Church and a failing public school across the street one must ask: Is that school failing because not enough city tax dollars are going into our public school? If so, does the city have enough tax dollars to put into the public school? If not enough tax dollars then how many Non-profits are in the area that are not paying property taxes? If too many, then the laws need to change so the cities infrastructure including the cities schools can be serving the public once again in full health and pay the cities employees their pensions, salaries, and health care, and the public schools can provide quality education instead of a one sided enslaved education.

    Cults like Neo Liberals and extreme Capitalists see taxes as a burden that only takes money away from them. These people claim they never use city services. Yet, they share the roads, the water, the sewers, the phone lines, and so many other state, county, and city services that their arguments are fake. There is no difference here between a cult and what these Non-Profit – Non Paying taxes ideals are doing to the human society…and are doing to the communities where these facilities exist.

    Look, its one thing to have a legit argument of being over taxed and to put a motion to the floor to be voted on to lower taxes because of being over taxed. But its completely cultish to claim being over taxed and turn local communities into slaves, and empty cities when the cult leaders and the Non-Profits are not being taxed at all.

    To be clear here: Not all Non-Profits are responsible for this mess. I’m only Highlighting this video here because it shows the main Non-Profits who have been most abusive thus far.

    Oh, and here is a video of Whites Church to help quantify this argument.

    Hope this cheers up your spirits today and finds you in a new light of truth.

    YouTube Vid: Elite Institutions Hoard Wealth While Cities Die Around Them.

    By: The Real News Network.


    Whats Wrong with Paula White Church in Florida?

    YouTube Vid Link:

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Dan Reynolds is a resident Ventura County

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    Mark Savalla
    Mark Savalla
    1 year ago

    This guy is a basket of red herrings. All the examples he’s given are to cover up his support for Communism. One example is the school system. The California schools are failing because they do not teach. Check out the achievement scores compared to the rest of the US. We are in the lower 10%. The monies allocated to the schools goes to the administrators and the unions which in tern support the communist democrats who keep raising the pensions of the teachers. This guy gets his bs from the writings of Trotsky, Lennon, Mao, Castro and other Communists.
    If he were in a different country he would be tried as a traitor and hung for his lies and deceit.

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