Teacher Fired For Informing Parents That Their Two Children Had Decided To Become “Transgender.”

School staff facilitated the “trans” behavior – and kept it from the parents.

Teacher’s attorney debunks the phony “reasons” officials gave for her firing.

ALT TEXT How corrupt is the education establishment? Stacy Monette, the Principal who fired Bonnie using phony reasons, was named “Middle School Principal of the Year” in 2020 by the Massachusetts School Administrators Association.

School officials pushing the “transgender” agenda in middle schools have become hostile and brutal toward those who refuse to comply.

A Massachusetts middle school teacher with a spotless 20-year record has been fired by the Principal and Superintendent. Her “crime” was informing the parents of a boy and girl what the school staff was doing to their children. In their zeal to fire her, they concocted a list of phony reasons that were easily debunked by the teacher’s attorney. But the firing still went forward

In our earlier posts we described Bonnie, a principled Social Studies teacher at Baird Middle School in Ludlow, Mass. who prioritizes the well-being of students over any adult agendas.


Part 9 of a series (See Parts 1-8 here.)

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Mara S

That “teacher” is a disgrace. And this “article” is full of conservative bile. Disgusting. Stop protecting your sad small life and realize that there are bigger things than transgender students. There’s no “deciding” to be transgender or gay, it’s just the way some people are born. There’s no “agenda”. God made no mistakes, even with transgendered peoples. He created them to open the eyes of the world to new possibilities of living in peace with each other.


Protect teachers from overzealous administrators.

Judy N

This teacher did the right thing. Stop brainwashing these children into behaviors that are not normal. God made you into the gender you are born with.
We need more parents and teachers to stand up to the administrators and school board. We the people pay your salaries!


Did God make the people who have XXY Syndrome? Why would He screw that up so bad and not pick one gender or the other? Are we to believe that these people are not made by God?