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prescription times; font-size: 16px;”>by Phil Erwin

order times; font-size: 16px;”>Todd Starnes, Conservative author and news commentator, reported that Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) was taking Seminole High ffrfSchool to task on behalf of all religion-oppressed residents of Sanford, Florida.

Seems a player on the football team fell injured, and as he was being attended by coaches and trainers, his teammates gathered round, Tebowed (that means “took a knee,” for the NFL-illiterate) and indulged in that insidious, seditious, could-be-psychotic pastime of team prayer on behalf of the injured.

Heaven forfend!

Those fine fellows at the FFRF (pronounced ffrrrff ?  Say it three times real quick and somebody might toss you a dog biscuit) berated those dogmatic dastards at Seminole for having an adult lead the horribly offensive, character-destroying spectacle of a public religious demonstration.  (An adult in charge at a High School event?  What’s this nation coming to?)  Oh, those poor, poor little boys, getting their knees all dirty. 

Oh, wait a minute.  This is football.

Still:  Dirt or no, those shining young souls might be permanently tarnished by being forced to engage in…  Dare I say it more than once? – PRAYER!  How those horrible adults DO such a thing to those innocent lambs? 

Thank Go…odness those young chaps in Florida have such Spartan defenders of their Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.  And looking out for them from all the way over in Wisconsin!

Starnes reports that the ffrf-ffrf-ffrf attorney, Andrew Seidel, assiduously and with great alacrity (Starnes didn’t say that, I just wanted to use those words for once) complained to the school that they were allowing a local pastor to act as a “volunteer chaplain” in leading the team in prayer.  Seidel huffed (if you can do so in writing) that the school cannot allow adults not affiliated with the school access to the children in its charge, and “certainly” cannot allow a pastor to organize prayer for the students.

Except… Oh, gee.  Wrong again.  There weren’t any adults forcing prayer out of those young throats.  No pastor involved, volunteer or otherwise.  Seems the kids were Tebowing all on their own.  Humphh!

Guess they’ve already been irretrievably damaged.

You may have guessed by now that I don’t have much reverence for the FFRF riff-raff.  Maybe you are also weary of this atheist group or that one getting their panties all in a bunch over somebody trying to reach Jim Carrey (George Burns?) when he’s in the mood to answer prayers.  Time was when atheists were generally held in some contempt for having a non-Godly view of the Universe.  Now it’s Politically Correct to be non-Godly, and you’re considered a Neanderthal throwback if you are so foolish as to walk with God.  Or think you are.  Or in any event suggest that you are with an Atheist bigot within earshot.

But here’s the thing:  There’s this little document called the “Bill of Rights,” a philosophical and legal adjunct to our country’s most fundamental law, the

Football players at prayer

Football players at prayer

Constitution.  And in that Bill of Rights is a little thing called the “First Amendment”  which states, in rather unequivocal terms, that all American citizens are guaranteed their government shall make no law “… prohibiting the free exercise [of religion.]”

I can think of no freer exercise of religion than to take a knee on a grass field in front of whatever audience happens to be in attendance, and commune with one’s God. 

And I can think of no finer exercise of religious fervor than to take a knee in public and pray (that means “ask,” for any atheists who are still reading) for the safety, health and recovery of a fellow athlete who is down for the count.

Finally: I can think of no more ridiculous, rude and unwarranted intrusion in the lives of others than to try to police spiritual practices from a thousand miles away, knowing absolutely nothing about the people, the incident or the intentions involved.

Attorney Seidel, when informed that there were in fact no adults driving the prayer “incident,” summarily declared the matter “closed,” and added that FFRF-raff  was “very pleased” at this signal of a “new found commitment” to upholding the First Amendment.

How magnanimous.

You think Seidel actually bothered to find out whether any of those Tebowers were Jewish?  (They have knees.)  Or Buddhist, Hindu… Maybe a Muslim or two brought prayer rugs.  ‘Cause, you know, they could – this being America, and all.  You think Attorney Seidel is an equal-opportunity bigot?  Or only anti-Christian?

Let’s all become anti-Attorney bigots.  Have them declared unconstitutional.  Because the Declaration of Independence clearly states that we have the right to liberty, and to pursue happiness, rights which the Constitution was drafted to uphold.  You ever meet an attorney who  didn’t get in the way of those rights?

Didn’t think so.

 Phil Erwin is an author and IT administrator living in Newbury Park


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