Teenage Girls Are Fighting For Their Sport In Transgender Lawsuit

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By Shelby Talcott |MEDIA REPORTER 


Teenage track stars Alanna Smith and Selina Soule opened up to the Daily Caller about a Connecticut lawsuit they are a part of aimed at preventing transgender athletes from competing in their sport.

Smith is one of three teenagers who filed the lawsuit, and she said she’s hoping to make track fair again. The trio names two transgender athletes in particular who they say have taken away titles from biological females. Smith also dove into her family’s rich background of elite athletes. (RELATED: Teenager At Center Of Transgender Lawsuit Wants A Level Playing Field)

“I started speaking out because the first girl to speak out about it, Selina Soule, I saw what she was doing and how unfair it was and how she decided that she wants to make a change,” Smith told the Daily Caller.


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