“Terrible deeds…justified in the name of Christ”

A rebuttal to Obama's prayer breakfast utterances

EditorialBy Anonymous


Dear Friends,
Here we are, mere hours after witnessing Radical Islamists burning alive a captured Jordanian pilot; within mere days of witnessing the beheading of two Japanese men and within mere weeks of witnesObamaPrayingsing Radical Islamists screaming Allah Akbar at the brutal murders of newspaper cartoonists at their Paris office and this is what the president of the United States feels compelled to say in “the fierce urgency of now” at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning:

 “terrible deeds … including slavery happened during the Crusades and were “justified in the name of Christ.” – B.H. Obama

Don’t worry folks! Our ancestors were just as brutal, just as savage, just as maniacally, murderously fanatic. The fact that the Crusades (whatever their historical justification) happened a thousand years ago is irrelevant to this pompous fool. Even the Inquisition and the Thirty Years War, brutal and destructive as they undoubtedly were, happened a half-a-millenium ago.  
Furthermore, what Christian leader, pastor, priest, minister anywhere in the world is exhorting any believing Christians in the name of Biblical scripture or Christian doctrine to kill, maim, torture, confine, mutilate, imprison or hurt anyone anywhere? There are no fatwahs from Christ.
The sophistry, the profound intellectual dishonesty of this man, his dangerous obfuscations of reality have no equal in the American presidency. Nor can it be found in the speeches of leaders of any of the Western Democracies.  Nor indeed in the leadership of most autocracies and dictatorships. No one else is this brazen in his deception and fraud.
It is incumbent on all people of good will, regards of party affiliation or profession of faith, to condemn Barack Obama’s insulting, stupid, dangerously disarming remarks at this morning’s National Prayer Breakfast. 


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