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    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Backs Calls To Impeach Mayorkas Amid Border Crisis

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    By Jennie Taer

    Republican Texas Rep. Greg Abbott is backing House Republicans’ calls to impeach Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

    Abbott’s reason for pushing for Mayorkas’ impeachment has to do with the DHS secretary’s handling of the crisis at the southern border, he told Fox News Digital. The border state governor urged that Mayorkas should face the consequences “for lying to Congress and lying to Americans.”

    “The facts are that Secretary Mayorkas has repeatedly told the public that the border is secure and that the border is not open,” Abbott said.

    “He testified under oath to those two statements in front of the United States Congress, and despite what he is saying, the reality is under Secretary Mayorkas we have the largest number of people coming across the border illegally than ever in the history of the United States of America,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Mayorkas has overseen DHS during record surges of illegal migration at the U.S.-Mexico border, where Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered more than 250,000 migrants in December alone, which is the highest number in recorded history. The ongoing influx led Abbott to deploy state resources to the border in March 2021 in an effort he dubbed “Operation Lone Star.”

    Abbott and Mayorkas most recently had a brief conversation Jan. 8 after President Joe Biden’s arrival on the tarmac in El Paso, Texas, where the Republican governor hand-delivered his proposed solutions to the border surge to the Biden administration.

    Republican Texas Rep. Pat Fallon filed articles of impeachment against Mayorkas on Jan. 3 and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said he will do the same if the DHS secretary refuses to resign.

    “It is unfortunate that we have gotten to this point, but it is necessary. Secretary Mayorkas’s potential impeachment is not an accident. He has willfully abdicated his duties at Secretary of Homeland Security and actively mislead Congress and the American people. To make any progress at our southern border, he must go,” Fallon told the Daily Caller at the time.

    Neither the White House nor DHS responded to requests for comment.



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    C. Collier
    C. Collier
    1 year ago

    Senile Joe’s administration claims that the border is secure. Over the last couple of weeks, I visited the great state of Texas, looking at houses. It was wonderful to breathe the air of freedom, after being in the oppressive air of the Democratic Peoples’ Socialist Republic of California for so long. But I digress.
    Both entering and leaving Texas, I had to go through the immigration checkpoint near El Paso. As I entered the state, the Border Patrol Officer asked, “are you an American citizen?” I said yes and he waved me through. On my way out of Texas, back en route to the DPSRC (how I hated coming back, but I have business to attend to), I pulled up to the BPO, he just looked at me and waved me through. That’s what a “secure” border looks like. I could well have been an illegal from any number of countries.

    Fuzzy Logic
    Fuzzy Logic
    1 year ago

    Oust The Lizard King!

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