The 15 Days That Can Give Us Control of the Conejo Valley Unified School Board – Start Today

press_release_iconThe 15 Days That Can Give Us Control of the Conejo Valley Unified School Board – Start Today

The absentee ballot arrives in 15 days.  One third of votes are absentee voters.


Tony Dolz, Candidate for Conejo Valley School Board

From: Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley- www.ConcernedParentsOfConejoValley.com310 371 7500,  [email protected]

Re: Tony Dolz for School Board candidate material:

This is what I will do if elected to the school board:

1. Parental Authority and Local Control . . .  and Rejection of Federalized, One-Size-Fits-All, Assembly line Top-Down Education.

2. Respect of Our Families’ Privacy . . . I authored the legally vetted California Privacy Opt Out Form and Secured Free Legal  Representation for Parents Whose Privacy is Violated courtesy of an agreement with the Pacific Justice Institute.  I will not allow data mining our children.

3. No More Elementary School Closings

4. No Purchase of $14 million new high school for 196 students until after the election and only if the bond passes.

5. I will represent families of Public, Charter, Private and Homeschooled students on all matters affecting them.  I will give ALL parents a voice.

6. I will represent teachers who want to teach and I reject the federal government’s notion that teachers will be test givers all day long, day after day.  I will let Teachers Teach.

7. I support a 3% one-time cost of living bonus for district employees if the bond passes.  No student has ever being inspired by staring at a computer screen.  We have among the best schools in California because of our teachers and classified personnel passionately care about our children.

I will stand for fair hearing of grievances before voting.  I believe that the Conti Family were not given due process and a fair hearing on the sexual harassment of their 13 year old daughter. 

You Have a Very Important Role to Play

  • Put a Yard Sign on your Lawn.  This is CRITICAL.  Call 310 371 7500 or email [email protected] immediately.  Don’t postpone it.  This is a deal maker.  Pick up the phone now.
  • Volunteer to help at the Conejo Valley Street Fair on Moorpark Rd. on Sunday, October 19th (All Day).  We have two huge “Dolz for School Board” booths side by side and next to the CVUSD booth.  This is Critical.  Call 310 371 7500 or email [email protected]
  • Volunteer to hold a banner and signs at major street intersections and at district school sidewalks.  Many volunteers needed.  You chose the days and times.  I will PERSONALLY be at Moorpark Rd. and Hillcrest every day.  This is critical.  Call or email today with your availability.
  • If you do not have a yard, contribute money so we can purchase more yard signs for people with yards.  Each yard sign is $5.  (Payment method below).
  • Contribute towards full-page advertisements in the Acorn on October 16th, 23rd and 30th.  This will cost several hundred dollars.

Dolz family

The filing fee is $1100, Yard signs is $700.  Printing is $500.  Most of these expenses are advances from me to the campaign.  Contribute what you can.

Make your contribution to:  Tony Dolz for School Board, 621 Rushing Creek Place, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

There are THREE seats for election.  Do you want our RECOMMENDATION?

Vote for “DAD

Mike Dunn, John Andersen and Tony Dolz are the dads, in DAD.

 The Days are Flying.   Call 310 371 7500 or email  [email protected] .  Call now.

 This is what the yard sign looks like.  It is 18 inch ES wide and 24 inches high


Tony Dolz Campaign:


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