The American Dream Series #6 – Jolin Crofts- Struggling for the American Dream

by Jolin Crofts

This is the sixth of a series of articles on immigrants who came to the USA legally, became naturalized Citizens and worked to achieve their own “American Dreams.”


An Immigration Story

Jolin Crofts at 14

I was born in Iran in the 60s. After my arranged marriage at age 19 with a prominent family from Dubai (UAE) my husband and I moved to Pittsburgh, PA. I have one son from that marriage. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1985. I earned my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Masters’ degree in Telecommunications from the University of Pittsburgh.  From the very beginning I realized that my husband and his family abide by fanatic Moslem laws. Due to major cultural and religious conflicts with them and to provide and teach a life of responsible freedom to my son, I refused to go back to live with my husband in the oppressive religious country of UAE in Dubai. I converted out of the religion of Islam, became a citizen of the United States in 2013 and swore to build a new life based on the Constitution of the United Sates.

Disgruntled and enraged by my decision to exercise my individual rights as a human, my husband in Dubai (who is an international investment banker) was joined by my own parents from Iran who waged war against me and my son. Vainly believing I was protected under the Constitution and the laws of the United States, I ignored the threats of my husband, his family and my parents who lived tens of thousands of miles away overseas.

Jolin Crofts and son in 1989

I ran successful multi-million dollar projects and was working very hard to build a new life for myself and my son. My husband returned to Dubai in 1994 and I refused togo back with him. He hired the most powerful law firm in Pittsburgh and never gave me a divorce. Since 1994, his circle of powerful Moslem and Persian allies in the US have been destroying every aspect of my life in the US, as punishment for exercising my human rights.

Sadly, I was never aware that I was under surveillance and my life was being monitored 24×7. I had no idea that all my opportunities were being denied of me. I kept working harder and harder but despite my unbreakable self-esteem and exceptional skills and competencies and despite my unparalleled and dedicated work ethics, all my efforts to build an even simple life failed. Every door and every path were closed to me one after another and every person who came to my life turned against me. As the final blow, confused and homeless with broken spirit and health, I watched in horror as my genius son’s life was showing the same pattern.

And suddenly it was then, that after 25 years of struggle and confusion that I woke up to the bone chilling realization that there is a powerful arm of national and international mob who were steering my life all along, enforcing the laws and the rules of the Moslem world onto me, while foolishly I believed that I could have any control over my life within the borders of the world of the free.

I believe that the US is the last frontier of the freedom world for the individual rights on this planet we call Earth. But as I lived my own broken life I also witnessed the slow demise of freedom in the country I love so dearly. I became a citizen in 2013 and I pledged to defend this country and the freedoms it holds against all domestic and foreign enemies. But for the past 25 years I have witnessed the slow demise of freedom in the US. I am frightened for the future of our children in this country. As the first generation immigrant to this glorious country I once dreamed of being part of a generation that would make life even better for the next. I lost hope as I watched millions and millions of legal and illegal immigrants to the US live and thrive in this country but do not have allegiance to the flag of the US, they have no appreciation for the freedoms of this country and their agenda is to change the US laws and its culture to the countries they have come from (or the countries they claim they have escaped from).

Jolin Crofts- 2018

After the election of President Trump I am hoping that he would be able to wake people up to the original promise of freedom in this country. We have a constitution that no other country owns. I dream again once more that we become the people who love the United State of America, who pledge our allegiance to one flag, one nation, under one God and fight back to defend the Republic that was once put in place with the blood of innocent Americans and once more to become indivisible with liberty and justice for those who abide by the constitution and not for those who oppose our liberties!

The Citizens Journal American Dream Series

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This series was organized by Gloria Massey-Chinea, retired resident of Oxnard, originally from Puerto Rico.

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