The American Dream Series #2: USSR to USA!

Stories of immigrants who came to the USA legally, became naturalized Citizens and achieved their own "American Dreams."



By Lisa  Vartanian

The date was January 20th 1981. As President to be Ronald Reagan held his hand on his mother’s bible to become the 40th President of the free world, my family and I were in Moscow’s American Embassy to get the last of many clearances to immigrate to the United States of America legally!

Thirty three years later, my family was able to escape Armenia, which was part of the brutal  BIG Government of totalitarian regime of communism called the Soviet Union, where healthcare was “FREE,” except the ill did not heal and the FREE education got one nowhere, because big government owned the souls of the people by indoctrination and force.

Religion was forbidden! Anyone who questioned the system would be subject to severe persecution or death! Poverty was the rule of the land. Most lived in constant fear, fear of the spies who lived next door. The commandment that states love your neighbor was in reverse where I came from. Details are in my published book.

Only 242 short years ago the genius minds of Founding Fathers were able to establish a sovereign Nation, called the United States of America, home of the brave and the land of the FREE, where people were granted freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of press, to name the top three on a document called the United States Constitution.

In fact free thinking by men has been the direct result of countless successes in this country and counting. It is by no accident it has earned the titled “American Dream”. I am the very proof of it to have written and published a non-fiction book titled “Price and Power of Freedom”, not because of my celebrity statues or anything as such. I simply have been able to experience my freedom through hard work and my Godly gift of writing. In the process I have become a public speaker and a staunch supporter of my adopted  homeland of The United States of America, one Nation under GOD! My passion is to educate the reader through my life experiences, what freedom really is all about and how precious it is for me to live free. I especially want to educate the young Americans, because in President Reagan’s wise words freedom is only a generation away from extinction.

The Citizens Journal American Dream Series

Mr. Rolando Chinea- AMERICAN from Cuba
Ms. Lisa Vartanian- AMERICAN from USSR/Armenia
Ms. Maria Vallejo- AMERICAN from Cuba
Ms. Lennie Reisch- AMERICAN from Cuba
Ms. Georgette Hadvina- AMERICAN from Hungary
Ms. Jolin Crofts- AMERICAN from Iran
Mr. Vadim Manzhos- AMERICAN from USSR/Ukraine
This series was organized by Gloria Massey-Chinea, retired resident of Oxnard, originally from Puerto Rico.


LisaVartanian is a naturalized U.S. Citizen From the Soviet Union/Armenia, residing in Ventura County

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William Hicks

Certainly a version not taught in our schools today. Thank you for your revealing first hand experience to compare the communist dream with the reality of freedom.