The Art of the Wall Deal



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By Wayne Allyn Root


There is a wall deal to be done. If Democrats actually loved America and actually cared about the safety of our children, it could get done. But it’s clear, they don’t.

A deal is there for the taking. Before there was President Trump, there was deal-maker extraordinaire Trump. That Trump wrote, “The Art of the Deal.” That Trump loves to negotiate. That Trump understands how to get a deal done. That Trump understands both sides need to win something. 

I’ve got that deal. But first, a few thoughts.

First, the government shutdown. As I write this, it’s been five days. Anyone notice? Me neither. Time flies when you’re having fun! Government is shut down and it doesn’t affect most of us one bit. That’s why they call it “non-essential.” Maybe we should learn a lesson and fire these “non-essential” employees permanently.

Second, the economy. Retail sales figures are out for Christmas. They are the best in many years. American consumers are buying like crazy. The media and economic “experts” preach doom and gloom all day about a collapsing stock market and a coming recession. Yet the Trump economic boom won’t cooperate. Retail sales are zooming up. In the middle of a stock market crash. GDP is down by a little. But it’s still 3.4%- that’s still double Obama’s GDP. You can’t stop Trump. 

And that is precisely why liberals, DC Swampers, Deep State-ers, “Never Trumpers,” the vicious liberal media and even the GOP establishment are so bitter, angry, hateful and negative towards Trump. They’re jealous. None of them could produce what Trump produced. 





Wayne Allyn Root, a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, is one of the most popular political and media stars in America. His columns and commentaries are read at the biggest political & news web sites in America- including He makes regular appearances at Fox News Channel, and hundreds of radio stations across the country. Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur and small businessman, home-school dad, best-selling author, and Tea Party Libertarian conservative.  His web site:


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