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    The Assault on the American Child



    By Edward Kennelly

    Students in public schools across America are being taught about transgenderism at a very young age. Children in public schools all throughout California, New York City, New Jersey, and Colorado are being taught about LGBTQ history. Some textbooks include stories of Native American spirit animals which embodied both male and female spirits. Teachers are expected to incorporate LGBTQ lessons in their history courses too. A history teacher in La Paz Middle School in California teaches students about Baron Friedrich von Steuben, a Revolutionary War hero, who was believed to be removed from the Prussian Army for being homosexual. Is it really in the best interest of students to be exposed to these issues at such a young age?

    America has changed a lot in the 21st century. In the early 2000s few believed homosexuals would have the right to marry in all fifty states within ten years. In the early 2000s consensual homosexual sex was still illegal in some states. The 2003 Supreme Court ruling of Lawrence v. Texas legalized homosexual sodomy in every state. The next relevant Supreme Court ruling came in 2013 with United States v. Windsor. This ruling did away with part of the 1996 Defense Against Marriage Act which defined marriage as a “legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife.” Finally the most groundbreaking Supreme Court decisions in favor of homosexual rights came with the 2015 Supreme Court ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges. In a 5-4 decision the justices ruled that marriage is no longer solely defined by a man and a woman, but by same sex couples as well. This ruling drastically changed our culture. Gays were permitted to marry each other in all fifty states. Prior to this ruling thirty seven states allowed homosexuals to marry each other. Shortly thereafter the LGBTQ movement became mainstream and forever changed our political and cultural landscape.

    Near the end of Obama’s presidency, the Obama administration issued a mandate to all public schools to allow transgender students to use whichever bathroom they feel comfortable using. The Obama administration clarified that a student does not need to show medical proof that they changed genders just that they feel like they have changed genders. Obama then stipulated that schools that do not follow this mandate will not receive federal funds. Obama praised the mandate by saying, “I think it is very important for us not to send signals that anybody is treated differently.”  The Trump administration has since done away with the bathroom policy but the damage was done.

    Since then more public schools have promoted LGBTQ rights in their classrooms. California encourages public school teachers to help their kindergarteners to come out as transgender. In addition to this they encourage high school teachers to discuss coming of age as a transgender. This is all done without the approval of parents. Even conservative districts are not immune to this. The Poway United School District, near San Diego, directs teachers to allow students to come out as transgender without their parents’ consent. Faculty are even encouraged to use the child’s preferred pronoun.

    Similarly public schools throughout New York City started allowing students to change both their names and genders without any documentation. All teachers and staff must use the student’s preferred pronoun when speaking to them. Moreover all teachers and students must use gender neutral language when speaking in the classroom. If the family agrees with their child’s identity change, then all school documents must change to meet the new identity of the student. New York City School Chancellor Richard Carranza praised these new changes saying, “Schools are safe havens for students to develop their passions and to discover their true identities, and these new guidelines celebrate and affirm all students.” Public schools in New Jersey and Denver, Colorado have similar polices.

    Encouraging children to identify as the gender to which they were not born is detrimental to a child’s physical and psychological upbringing. Teaching a boy to deny his gender and to embrace his fleeting feminine feelings will have negative long term consequences. Kindergartens have not gone through puberty yet and do not know what it’s like to be attracted to someone. I, for one, did not develop feelings for girls until I was a preteen. Children are easily swayed by the adults in their lives. When teachers tell them about the bravery of transgender individual’s children may be encouraged to become transgender themselves.

    Encouraging a generation of kids to identify as a different gender will lead to an increase in adults who are sexually confused. These adults will feel trapped in their bodies and minds. They will long to be the gender they were born as. This feeling of confusion will lead to more individuals who are suicidal. Transgender people are at a greater risk to commit suicide or to attempt suicide than any other constituent population. A study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that over half of adolescent transgender males surveyed had attempted suicide. Roughly thirty percent of adolescent transgender females surveyed admitted they attempted suicide as well. Some may even have sex operations to change into the gender they wish to identify as. Once they are in their twenties and want to look for a relationship they likely will regret having have an operation done. A real world example of this happened when Kira Bell sued the National Health Service (NHS) in London when she was twenty-three for not stopping her from transitioning into boy when she was a teenager. At the age of sixteen, Bell was administered hormone blockers to stop her female development after only three one-hour therapy secessions. She argued that she was not old enough to make such a major decision as a child and that the NHS should have done more to prevent her from undergoing these procedures. When she was twenty she was given testosterone drugs and a double mastectomy to help her to fully transition into a man. This lawsuit is currently on-going. If you are interested in knowing more about this particular incident you can read about it here:

    Additionally normal adults will not want to be in a relationship with transgender adults leading to fewer families and relationships. This will lead to a generation where fewer children are born. Millennials already have sex less than their parents because of internet pornography, social media, and video games. The increase in transgender people and homosexuals will result in even fewer children being born.

    Teaching a generation of boys and girls to embrace their feelings and to become transgender will result in an increase of transgender and homosexuals adults.  In an era such as the 1980s when transgenderism was not accepted by society boys, who had feminine feelings grew up to be normal adults who married women and had children. If those boys or girls were raised in today’s society they will very likely become transgender adults.

    How about public school teachers spend less time assaulting the normal sexuality of children with their agendas and more time developing their students’ writing, reading, and math skills. Teachers should want their students to develop a love for learning. They should produce in students a desire to think critically and a desire to read.


    The author’s name is Edward Kennelly. He lives in Bartlett, TN. He is a recent college graduate from Mississippi Univerisity for Women (co-ed). He majored in Political Science. He writes political pieces for the California Political News and Views and works on campaigns. He hopes to continue working in politics. 

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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    Ginny Bryce
    Ginny Bryce
    2 years ago

    Why can the United Nations train NGOs who in turn train teachers in our schools and in our teachers’ colleges in such permissive sex education, and our U.S. Department of Education cannot have a say in primary and secondary curriculum? In California it is Planned Parenthood and the ACLU who are training our children.

    This United Nations program is worldwide, in the UK, Australia, Sweden, etc. The following is their agenda: International technical guidance on sexuality education – Education 2030 (143 pages) Plus revisions of 2018 – UNESCO, UNAIDS, unicef, UNWOMEN, World Health Organization.

    In addition, in 2016, The United Nations “Human Rights Council,” voted to appoint a UN Czar to oversee the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism around the world. “Officially the UN LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) “expert” will work to combat “violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” citing schools as one of the many targets for the new Czar to focus on. In the U.S., this was pushed through by the Obama Administration.

    Unless we fight this, our country will be lost. Our country will be destroyed, while Chinese children are leading the world in education scores and our children’s education is being dismantled.

    The USA can opt out of this United Nations Sex-Ed program.

    The United States can opt out. Page 35, of the Guidance Under 5.1 – Structure: “The guidance is voluntary and non-mandatory based on universal evidence and practice, and recognizes the diversity of different national contexts in which sexuality education is taking place. As a result, there are some issues
    and content that might be considered acceptable in some countries but not others, and each country will have authority to make appropriate decisions . . . “

    Also – “We reaffirm in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, the need to respect the territorial integrity and political independence of the states.”

    “Like the original Guidance, this revised version is voluntary –Audrey Azoulay, Director- General UNESCO

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