The Best One for the Job | Knowledgeable Political Consultant Makes Case to be Elected Chair of California GOP

Dear Fellow California Republican Party Delegate:

At the recent candidate debate before the Orange County Republican Central Committee, long time friend, State Senator John Moorlach asked about my background in politics.  I gave an answer and believe you should know more about me as well.

I have been married for 46 years, have two children and five grandchildren, and for the past thirty years I have lived in Simi Valley, near the Reagan Library. My two daughters and their husbands are all Republicans.    I am a graduate of the University of Redlands and my wife is a former principal in the Simi Valley Unified School District. One of my daughter is an attorney in Orange County and the other is an executive in a travel agency owned by AAA.

Many of you know I started in politics by walking precincts for Nixon in 1960 and in 1962 I was on his Speakers Bureau. In 1964 I ran an office for Goldwater for President in Los Angeles and in 1966, was a Regional Youth Chair for Reagan for Governor.  Among those I worked with in 1966 were Shawn Steel and Dana Rohrabacher.  I attended my first CRP convention, in Sacramento, in July 1966.

In Mid-September 1966 I joined the Army, trained as a tank driver at Ft. Hood, Texas and in 1968, just before the Tet Offensive, I was deployed to Viet Nam, where I was assigned to the First Infantry Division (Big Red One).  During my deployment I was a machine gunner on helicopters and jeeps for convoy control and safety for the 1st MP Company, while serving as an MP. 

I returned from Vietnam on Labor Day, 1968 and immediately, I took the place of Dan Lungren as Chair, Youth for Nixon in California where I created a youth operation for the Nixon campaign. I hasten to add, Dan was leaving to attend Law School at the time.

After the campaign I led the effort on campuses around the nation to stop the violence and radicalism.  Traveling to numerous campuses and States, I organized students to oppose the anti-freedom efforts by students and faculty.  At Los Angeles City College, I opened up the school after the ‘Left’ had closed down the entire facility.  That made the national news and I received a letter and a phone call from President Nixon congratulating me on this effort.

During this time, I met the wives of POW’s and MIA’s from Viet Nam.  As a result, Bob Dornan and I created the POW-MIA bracelets and for the next seven years I was full time organizing over 100 offices across the nation, including conducting many press conferences and speeches.  I also spent time in Asia and Europe negotiating with the Viet Cong, the Khmer Rouge, the Pathet Lao, the North Vietnamese, and the Chinese and Soviet Union Communist parties.  One of my meetings with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong was covered and aired by Ed Bradley for the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite.

In the early 1970’s I again became active in Republican politics.  I was elected as the First Assistant Secretary (we used to have that position) of the California Republican Party and in 1980 was elected as President of the California Republican Assembly.  I have also served four terms as the California Republican Party Parliamentarian.  I am the only candidate for CRP Chair that has served on all the permanent committees of the Party.  In 1996 I formed the National Federation of Republican Assemblies and traveled to 44 States on the weekends to form State organizations.

In 1980 I was a member of the Electoral College, appointed by Ronald Reagan.

Currently I do between 50-75 speeches a year around the State, along with many radio interviews each week.  For almost nine years I have been a weekly regular with  KFSO radio on the Brian Sussman Show, principally, as the stations “Chief whistleblower.

Since 1996 I have sent out the California Political News and Views at 3:00am every morning, a publication with ten stories each day, explaining public policy from a conservative viewpoint. This is information you will not receive in the mainstream media.  Many Republican Women’s’ Federated clubs and other Republican and conservative organizations use my material and information for their newsletters.

From a community service viewpoint, I have spent five years as the Chair of the Girl Scout Councils of California and five years as Chair of Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles, a non-profit social service agency.  I also served on the Board for seven years of the Girls Scouts Council of Los Angeles.

I hope this gives you an idea of my background an experience.  I am the only candidate for California Republican that has worked campaigns from San Diego to the Oregon border and also worked inside the Party, for many years.  I am both a show horse and a workhorse and after the debacle of November 6, 2018,  and the years of the party being run into the ground, we need someone that has the knowledge and experience of campaigns and operations of the Party, at all levels, if we are to revive it.

I humbly ask for your support and endorsement.  Just send me an email saying you endorse my campaign for Chair of the California Republican Party.  You can always reach me at 805-795-1271 or [email protected]

Together, as a Team, by going Back to Basics (my plan is attached) we can make the Republican Party relevant again in California.


Stephen Frank, Candidate, Chair, California Republican Party 

(Remember, you have a secret ballot to vote for CRP officers–no amount of bullying, sending of glossy brochures–paid for with money meant to elect Republicans to legislative  office, not to be used personally as one candidate for Chair is doing, or threats can force you to vote against your conscious and what you know is best for the future of the California Republican Party)

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