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    by Naomi Fisher

    I wonder if anyone else is seeing this for what it really is?

    What we are witnessing is an attempt at a coup here in our beloved United States!

    If the Democrats succeed in impeaching Trump and winning the 2016 election they will have succeeded in taking control of our Government and achieving a bloodless coup!

    They will then continue with their dream of a one world Government, one world money, a high aristocratic class and a peasant class society. No middle class. No in-between. The Koch Brothers said it first – Anyone that earns over $250,000 per year will be the aristocracy.

    The United States of America will be no more. We will be like any other third world nation. Dependent upon the whims and mercy of our “betters”. We will have what work, pay, food, medical and housing they deem we deserve. 

    This is no joke. Pay attention to what the Democrats are saying, what their demands of Trump are. He IS correct. They wish to destroy our Country as we know it.

    We have to back him in any way possible because if we don’t we will be facing a 2020 coup. Right here. In our United States of America.

    Think it can’t happen here? In 2019? Check your history. In the not too distant past we had Cuba/Castro, The fall of the Shah of Iran and the reign of Imam Khomeini. Khomeini was responsible for medieval restitution of Islam religion, allowing the different cults to form their own belief system which spread throughout the mid-east, resulting in Isis. See how that has definite repercussions in our lives today? And all because people believed the propaganda and did not look deep enough for the truth.

    It may seem like ancient history to our younger people. They probably think we’re too civilized, to modern, for it to happen here. But it is not. And we’re past the beginning of a revolution in our Country: The taking away of our civil rights, the sneering at our constitution, the lack of respect for life and for our law enforcement officers – look how the protests keep getting more violent.

    A revolution is not just a happening in the past that has no bearing on today. It should be a lesson to every human being to protect what is valuable: The right to decide for themselves which religion to follow, where to live and work, how to dress, and even what to eat for breakfast. We cannot let these extreme Democrats take away our freedom and change our country!

    Take a good look at the U.S.  Some of our Leaders have seen to it our education system is not only dumbing down our children, it is completely failing. Our students know nothing of history therefore they have no idea of what could happen here, or how their lives would be changed. They also have trouble with math and do not really understand enough politics to see through the Democrats blathering propaganda!

    The violence in movies and media keeps them angry and not sure what they are looking for. Just something better. And the Democrats propaganda is telling them the Dems have the answers.

    But the truth is, the Democrats are blocking President Trump from making the changes we need to bring our U.S. to greatness again. 

    Another thought: The Dems have to tie his hands because if he continues the investigations of them most of them will wind up in prison. So they discredit him.

    And making all their noise hides what they are really after besides not going to prison. It camouflages their arranging a coup to get what they want. A one world order with them in charge. 

    Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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