The Board of Supervisors is Not Protecting the Rights of their Citizens


By Denise Pedrow

The San Jose City Council voted on Aug. 24, 2021, to require proof of vaccination for events of 50 or more people at city-owned buildings.  A negative test will NOT substitute for proof of vaccination as it does now.  What is the reason given for this strict mandate?  It is not overwhelmed medical staff or hospitals having overflowing ICU’s…no. The reason given is an increase in positive “CASES”.  Most of these cases are not severe enough to cause someone to become hospitalized. We know that most people who test positive for COVID-19 are told to “go home to self-care and recover”. 

According to an article in the San Jose Stoplight newspaper, the San Jose City Council had a large group of very frustrated citizens show up to speak to them at their most recent meeting.  During the public comment portion of the meeting, citizens of San Jose voiced their opposition to a city-building vaccine passport mandate.  One member of the San Jose City Council threatened to “throw out” any person who refused to keep a mask on during the meeting.  After hearing, but not listening to the public outcry, the city council voted in favor of implementing a vaccine passport polity.  It took effect immediately with a few concessions being made to give time for city-owned buildings to set in place their screening procedures.  The San Jose City Council urged other city officials to look at data from San Francisco. San Francisco has one of the most invasive, unconstitutional vaccine mandates of any city in the United States.  San Francisco’s vaccine passport mandate requires proof of vaccination to enter city and government buildings and overreaches and includes private businesses such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and theaters among other indoor venues.

It is not difficult to see the writing on the wall.  Across the state of California, city councils and county Board of Supervisors are ignoring most public comments and even barring the public from their meetings as they stand aside and allow state mandates take control in their counties.

How long until Ventura County Board of Supervisors, County Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin and County Chief Executive Officer Michael Powers follow this trend?  Does anyone have faith that ANY elected or appointed official in Ventura County will listen to the public outcry? 

The reasoning for these continued mandates seems to always be changing. The justification for lockdowns used to be “to keep people from dying from COVID-19”.  Then the focus changed to “keep the hospital beds from filling up with patients with COVID-19 and overwhelming medical staff”.  Next, the reasoning for continued lockdowns and mask mandates switched to “positive cases for COVID-19 Delta variant are on the rise”.  The parameters and justification for the continued infringement upon the rights and freedom of the people by a massive government and media machine has become sickeningly clear.  The goal of the government appears to be that we will never open our society and enjoy our constitutional freedoms ever again.

Why? Because the elected officials in our state have forgotten the U.S. Constitution and instead are coerced with threats from Sacramento that budget monies will be withheld from any county that does not comply.   Can you blame the people in California for feeling like the state has declared war on us?

What we do not see is any county supervisor standing up for a large and growing sector of the population; the people who demand their God-given rights to their bodily autonomy, privacy, informed consent, parental rights over their children’s medical decisions and their own medical freedom.

It is clear to see how the Ventura County Board of Supervisors is ducking down to hide behind the County Health Officer, Dr. Robert Levin and the state of California as the cause of these mandates in our county. The county supervisors insist that they are helpless to stop the encroaching mandates from the state.

These elected officials have forgotten that they serve at the pleasure of the people.  Are they so smug, so confident, and secure in their positions that they will ignore the public outcry over these violations of our constitutional rights? The pressure is building. Will our county supervisors not listen to a frustrated and angry public and continue to bow down to Sacramento? I sincerely hope not.  We need county supervisors who will hold the line for freedom within Ventura County.

Editor’s Note: The state legislature is attempting to retool an assembly bill to mandate employers have their employees fully vaccinated.  The catch is that the approved product is not available yet giving the government and the Pfizer immunity from liability.  The employer will bear that burden. Refer to these two articles: California Globe and analysis by Dr. Robert Malone inventor of the MRNA technology.

Denise Pedrow is a local business owner and former assembly candidate 

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BruceBoyer candidate for Ventura Countysheriff

Go get ’em Denise! We need Denise to be our Assembly Rep!